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To my best friend: I need my SNES back


I really, really miss my Super Nintendo. It is the greatest system ever invented. I was lucky enough to grow up in a loving home as an only child for ten years, so I had both a Genesis and a SNES, and didn't have to share! BEST OF BOTH WORLDS, HAHAHA (but seriously, I love you, bro)! I remember looking forward to Christmas and figuring out what I wanted for both systems, trying to make it even. As much as I love my Genesis and the many classics that were released for it, I love my SNES more. My SNES library easily trumps my Genesis one, and as time went on, I ended up getting more and more games for my gray box of wonder. I have so many games that I cherish for my Super Nintendo, and many happy memories associated with it.

One of my earliest memories of the SNES is with a little game called Super Mario World. I remember seeing a demo of it playing in my local Macy's, and I was in awe of how colorful it was. I didn't get a Genesis until Sonic came out, so my only point of reference was the original NES. There were so many colors on the screen at once, every color of the rainbow and more (we need more rainbow colored games, in my opinion). The world looked huge; so many levels packed into one game, and it looked even bigger than Super Mario Bros. 3. It was almost too much for my young, child heart to take. I remember being with my dad, taking the controller from the employee who asked me if I wanted to play, my eyes widening as I rode on a dinosaur, long thought to be extinct. The controller, so comfortable and easy to adapt to; it was like a glover's mitt which feels like a second skin to the catcher (and I had never even played baseball before). After my time with Mario, I asked dad to get me a Super Nintendo for Christmas, and I was so excited when I opened my presents that year to find it among them. Little did I know how many years of happiness that box would bring me; that it still does, all these years later.

Here's a shocker: growing up, I never owned one of the greatest platformers to ever grace the SNES, Super Metroid. I used to rent it constantly from the video store around the corner (REMEMBER THOSE) and being mesmerized by it. I think Super Metroid was one of the first games, if not THE first game, where I felt truly alone. When you first touch down on Planet Zebes, and begin exploring the desolate planet, everything is truly lifeless. There are no enemies and there is no power or sense of life until you collect the morph ball. Even when enemies start appearing and the planet opens up a bit, it's just you against everyone else; no one is coming to save or even help you. Super Metroid fills you with an unbelievable sense of dread which I haven't really felt since. I remember being legitimately scared when the Chozo statue came to life and Crocomire's skeleton burst through those spikes, after just watching his FLESH MELT OFF HIS BODY. I got stuck on the pirate ship as a kid, and only managed to complete the game years later, after buying a copy from Funcoland. Finding all the items and the sense of growing ever powerful with power-ups is extremely rewarding. The entire end sequence is absolute magic and is set up so perfectly, is so full of emotion (without even needing cut-scenes or dialogue), that it must be played to be believed. A tear slid down my face upon Super Metroid's completion; one of both happiness and sadness. Everyone deserves to play through it at least once and feel the same emotions I felt.

Again, please don't kill me, but I didn't own A Link to the Past until later on in the console's life cycle. Another constant rent, A Link to the Past is my favorite Zelda game of all time. I don't think any game before or since can match its sense of adventure; when you first exit Sanctuary and the sun is shining and the rain has stopped, your heart swells with a sense of purpose and meaning. You are the hero of Hyrule, and only you can stop Ganon. I had so much fun zipping along everywhere, finding all the items and heart pieces, exploring all the dungeons, finding every last secret (CHRIS HOULIHAN). A Link to the Past and Super Metroid are some of the few games I try to go back to and play again from start to finish every year; they are that fun to play, and I never get tired of them. As a sidenote, was I the only one who always completed the sixth dungeon and had a key left over, forcing me to always return to open it? It was like a side door that didn't have to be opened because the room had multiple entrances. That drove me crazy. A Link to the Past is one of the grandest adventures ever to grace a platform, and I remember being shocked at how long it was. I think that is one of the most important things the SNES had over the Genesis: massive adventures that always seemed like the greatest stories ever told. All three games I mentioned had fantastic scores, as well; something the Genesis struggled with because of its audio limitations.

I could regale you readers with countless stories about the SNES. I could tell you how I perfected the charge shot dance jump in Mega Man X (hold the controller with your thumb over Y and B and curl your index finger to dash with A). I could reminisce about the time my friend slammed the protective case over the top of Earthbound while I was playing in Threed and lost all my saved data (I told him to get out of my house). I could confide to you that yes, I cried when Hamlet the pig sacrificed himself to feed a tribe of hungry villagers in Illusion of Gaia; bawled when Kefka poisoned the water supply in Final Fantasy III (VI); and sobbed when Marle embraced Crono after bringing him back from the dead in Chrono Trigger. I will go into these games more in depth when I actually get my SNES back. So, my bestest friend, whom I can call at anytime and see on a weekly basis but choose to ask in the most asinine and dramatic way possible, please give me back my Super Nintendo. I miss her so.

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