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C-Blog Fan Fiction: Dangerous Path

Hey guys. This is just a little experiment I want to do to practice for... something I want to start doing on the c-blogs in the future. For a while you guys might see some weird blogs from me. Just hang tight, feel free to tell me what you think. I promise I'll have a more solid contribution here, but I have to keep writing as practice. I feel like I'm sort of searching searching searching for something to do, and I've searched enough. Now I just want to do something neat. Again, hopefully this becomes a little more focused later on. Thanks!

Of course, the leader of the pack was always in the rear � easy to spot. I raised up to meet him at eye level. His arms were crossed and his face was smug. And for the split second that he had to act, he uncrossed his arms to raise in front of him. I jabbed his neck with the edge of my hand, startling him enough to step backwards. My knife sliced across his midsection and caught his arm. He twirled around to curl up into a ball. He probably felt a great deal of fear when he realized he was messing with the Dark Brotherhood. The man must have felt like he was already dead.

Instead of letting him curl up, I wrapped my elbow under the pit of his good arm and held the back of his neck. I spun around towards his gang, making sure they all turned to see their leader get stabbed so far through the back that they could see my blade protruding from the other side. With the leverage I had from his neck I flayed him down into his guts and let them spill. Some of the more courageous bandits shot arrows at me but hit their leader, who was dead and nearly cut in two.

When I retreated to the shadows again I watched as some of the bandits feverishly hunted me. I was amused to see most of them had run away, pissing themselves. After slaying all but one of them, I approached the last man standing from behind saying, �Silence brother...� Before stabbing through his head and hitting his teeth.
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