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Why am I so stoked for Secret of Grindea?

This game caught my eye a few days after Project Greenlight came to surface, and I find myself constantly checking the Dev Blog everyday like a little school girl stalking her first crush. As I take a step back and examine my state of being, and few clear cut reasons have surfaced themselves as to why I'm head over heels for this game and would like to share a little bit of the magic with all of you. God damn, am I stoked!

Reason 4: It really sparks my imagination.

I guess over the years, I've come to look at things more in terms of what they really are, as opposed to what they could be. Upon seeing this game's art style and unique charm, my mind instantly thought of all the different scenarios I could find myself in in this world. SoG seems like a blend of what I really sought after for a long time in a game, and hopefully it delivers.

There are some more reasons that I could think of, but I'm already tired of writing this. Hopefully, I've sparked your interest at least a little bit. You can find the Dev Blog here. Have a swell day.
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