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I played New Super Mario Bros Wii...

How should I say this ? I have mixed feelings after playing this game.
The positive side of it,is that the game can keep me playing it,and it's not as boring as other games I played recently that I gave up playing... It is a good game,and perhaps some people can have great fun out of it.

Before playing this game I was excited that I'd get to play a new 2D Mario game,I thought it would be nice to play something that would remind me of good moments. The problem I found though,was that maybe this game reminded of old games more than it should...

Yet not all that remembering is good. Because when I play the same mini-game I played on Super Mario Bros 3, with the cards that when you find two matching you get that item,and I try the memorized pattern that I used on that other game I played on SNES about 19 years ago,things get to feel too much the same... So they added some Koopa cards,and when you find 2 Koopa cards the mini game is over. Ok. But except from that,it isn't only the same mini-game,but the way the cards are spread out follow the same pattern they followed on SMB3. I didn't even had to guess where the right cards where, I instinctively earned all the items one by one. At that point I felt like something wrong was happening here.

Moving on I noticed that the worlds also follow the same pattern. They have the same themes,and they are also lined in the same order except from 2 worlds that each replaced the other one's position. I came to expect what I'll find next. "So now I'm on the Water World,so the Giant World will be next".

Later on I realized that the Koopalings had the same attacks and weaknesses,and the way to beat them was the exact same as in SMB3. "Well OK" I said."That will make them easier for me,so it is convenient". But then Kamek,the old magician that existed in Yoshi's Island just to throw dust on bosses come back again,and what does he/she do ? Throws more magic dust to bosses. Do you see where this is getting ?

I suddenly realize that the only new things on this game are some power-ups. Everything else this game has,I played it before.

Now there had been many occasions where a sequel of a game came out and was too different from older games,and the fanbase got disappointed because their once original game now copies Call of Duty or some other game...
But Nintendo seems to be in the extreme other side of this.

OK, we got used and accepted that the story in all Mario games will be that Princess Peach gets kidnapped by Bowser,and Mario has to save her.
But also reusing the same bosses,and have them attack and being attack with the same way ?
And reusing the same mini-games that are supposedly based on luck and randomness,and reusing the exact same patterns on them that existed on an older game ?
And featuring worlds with the same themes,in the same order ?
And using a map feature to move between levels,exactly as the older game did ?

You know what ? Some of the things Mario games introduced in the past were very cool,but back then it was 1993 and 1995. Bringing cool things from 19 and 17 years back without enough change or any enhancement won't bring back the 'wow factor' they had back then.
I think Nintendo went to far in trying to make us "remember the good old days".
If their idea for that is to take some features of their past games and mix them together as they where,without any change,well guess what,I can play these game too and have the same experience.

When you buy a new game,you expect it to be new. Now if a game has the same mechanics,the same story,the same goals,the same world(s),the same protagonists,the same enemies,and they all act and are as they always where,it's starting to feel more like a remake of an older game than a new game.
Perhaps if you are generous you might say it doesn't feel like a remake,but like a reboot at best.
But then why do they say it's a NEW game ?
I will play NSMBW to the end,I won't give up on it,but my opinion worsens about Nintendo after I played this game. Not that the game itself is bad and that someone can't have fun with it,it might blow the mind of someone who never played past 2D Mario games.
But for a Mario veteran like me,this game started giving me an unpleasant feeling after some time.
Could Nintendo have gone out of ideas ? Could they just started being too lazy that they just copy features from their past games and add them to newer ones because they are too bored to build new things from ground zero ?
I honestly don't know. But I feel like Nintendo's modern games are shadows of the company's older ones.
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