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Re: Terraria coming to XBLA/PSN, PC users PISSED

I don't mind most of what Jim Sterling writes. Although they tend to be slanted in the direction Jim wants to take things instead of factual knowledge, I'm okay with it for the most part. But this post by him on terraria shows him essentially driving off the cliff when it comes to not putting things in perspective.

First off, can you really call this news...at all?
I'm sure console players have gotten mad over PC exclusive content, yet it hasn't happened much. I'm sure with Dark Souls getting exclusive content on PC outraged some console gamers. Now, this would be news, if someone took action; Making a petition, creating chaos on their forums, etc etc. But no. All the post was, was "Some people mad because they didn't get what they wanted". This happens every day.

Secondly, why through a bit of a bias on the post? Jim sterling boldly posts PC users pissed, nothing even getting close to mentioning the people who don't give half a crap. He instantly skews it to make it look like PC gamers are all whiny bitches. Whether it was intended or not, it was bad journalism on his half. There was a curveball thrown in to make PC Gamers look bad, regardless.

And finally, YOU GOT THE QUOTES FROM FACEBOOK. You get what you pay for. If you enter the world's largest social network, you're bound to find idiots. And yeah, maybe it's entertaining watching teens and adults cry because they didn't get what they deserve. But you're making it too easy to get a few butthurt quotes. Essentially, you looked for a grain of sand in the desert. You were bound to find that to make your post. And if you want to prove my example more, go on twitter on christmas, and look up how many people have tweets like, "Merry christmas, yeah right, I didn't even get a car!" because they are rampant on that site.
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