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Games Played This Month - August!!


A Super Nintendo game that isn't bad, Final Fantasy 6. I'm at a spot right before getting the airship in the world of ruin. I'm thinking I might restart, as a lot of the game I'm blanking on. It was so good, but so confused, I just can't recall what was what and where, and I also messed up and can't use the ninja anymore. I don't know if you guys know this about me, but I love ninjas, they're badass and not having him around, bothers me.

Also, Super Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back, because fuck me. I didn't make it to the end of the second level, it was rough. As rough as I remember and just difficult as can be.

Mario All Stars got touched too, Mario 3 there is my jam. I blasted through with some warp whistles to world eight, getting myself dusted by the second battleship, no, it was the first. I did terrible, then my friend showed back up online. Awesome!

Borderlands - PC

It was an afternoon, I'd just spent hours with some RPGs, I felt like doing something more action. This is still here, and I still don't love it. Feels like a waste of time, uninteresting characters, a bland plot, and the art design doesn't work for me.

But Anthony Burch wrote the sequel, or parts of the sequel, and I'm really curious what his influence would be. And it comes out in the next two weeks, so yeah. I want to finish this, this week, which is the sat week of August. Wish me luck! I want to at least try to finish this thing, but it is slow and lonely going. I like blasting things and becoming more powerful, but I'm just not feeling this one.

My two hours in this game, I can never get back.

If anyone wants to play on steam, contact me somehow. It would make it more fun if I could talk to someone and have some backup when I'm swarmed by bad guys.

After a couple days, I know why I don't like this game! I figured it out. It is, an MMO style game, without the massive online stuff. The quests feel as poorly written and lame as MMO games. I�m really down on Borderlands, but I have a sub machine gun that shoots fire bullets, and the vehicle I got that is difficult to drive, has a rocket launcher that I never want to go to any mission without now. I�m going to finish this thing, but I�m just not feeling up about it, especially without co-op partners. If you read all these things, I always say I never have co-op partners. A guy I work with has talked about Borderlands 2 being something he really wants, so I�ve set up a play date to get the game and us together, so that we can just take a day and play the entire game begging to end. I�m just not sure if I can buy it, or if it would be better to just rent it. I should send a twitter message to Anthony and ask if he gets any royalties if I just rent it from like a redbox or gamefly. The way game companies pay there people is so dumb, and just like games journalism, everyone wants to be super cryptic about it and not tell anybody anything. I�m always frustrated by non answers. Type type type type, words words worsd, screw flanders.

Tony Hawk HD - XBLA Demo

Awful. It looks ok, but it doesn�t feel like the Tony Hawk games as I knew them. I would buy it at a discount price, especially if Spider-Man is in there, but it just isn�t something I�m actively looking for or excited to try out. I�ve played more than enough Tony Hawk, give me that new X-Com strategy game and Dishonored already, I want to try new stuff that builds on old ideas, not new stuff that is just built on top of old stuff.

The level in the demo was one of the crappier ones from the first Tony Hawk, which I wasn�t a fan of, I got on board for the second and third games, but part four and beyond past me by as one and done rentals, and even then, I�m unsure if I played all of them. If I could play as KISS and Wolverine and Darth Maul, then I�m in, but just playing as skateboarders is boring to me. BORING! I want to skateboard as Mike Tyson, up a building, then punch a dinosaur, jump onto the side skirt of a helicopter, then climb into it and use a machine gun to blast aliens. Video games are never as fun as I want them to be, which is a shame.


What games did I buy this month?

I had the idea to write down what I bought, in a month when I didn't buy, anything. Here I am, not knowing if I bought anything. I'm an addict, a horrible dirty addict.

I have a months worth of podcasts to post, all about retro games with me, Bianca, and Tony talking about video games. Good stuff!

That's it!
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