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Steam Greenlight: Is Steam Playing with Fire?

Steam Greenlight? Is that a new hipster website?

Just a minor foreword, but this is half speculation and the other opinion, take it with a grain of salt
As some of you may have noticed, although it largely seems to have gone under the radar for a deal of the month, Steam Greenlight is a thing, and it finally released, however is Greenlight truly capable of prime-time? For those of you unfamiliar with Steam Greenlight it's Valve's newest attempt at giving users a real say for games which get on Steam, without Steam requiring interviews with the developers and a stack of legal papers for both sides to fill.

What's the Danger?
At the moment, I won't say Steam Greenlight is a danger, more or less it feels Valve has sent a open beta for allowing games on Steam. what could be considered scary, is the fact "anyone" can submit a game, regardless of who they are, while this is one of the most fantastic things to happen in a long time, I feel it's not a long-shot to also call it one of the more risky. While Valve is doing a observably good job of preventing false games and projects from appearing on Greenlight, or taking them down swiftly, it still holds to the fact, Greenlight isn't presently what could be called a professional part of steam, it's the steam workshop of the steam store. And with this workshop, there holds one large, and noticeable flaw, the amount of users vs the amount of actually finished content.

Yes I know it seemed like a good idea at the time

Is Mob Mentality Ready for Gaming
I don't wish to invoke a incredible degree of hate by saying this, but frequently and because of different interests, it's hard for gamers as a whole to agree on many subjects without starting a few arguments, when the results of these arguments settle however, sometimes, the results aren't always what we may necessarily want, and when it comes to gaming, the minority does in fact have just as much say as the majority.

Sometimes, small groups aren't our friends

This is the problem I have with fully embracing Steam Greenlight, while I love what I see, and I love indie games just as much (if not more) then the next guy, Greenlight could potentially pose problems, noticeably is the fact a good deal of the games on Greenlight are not even necessarily games, as much as demos. While I welcome indie dev's to put their games on Steam, I fear that unless Steam manages to keep a good handle on the flux of games, we may soon find that the steam store is full of games which may never be finished, never started, or, end up canceled, and at the moment with Steams user-base capable of breaking 5 million daily, but only an estimated 500000 positive votes needed to get a game approved, there's a good chance every game will have a certifiable minority to back it up getting on steam.

The Issue, Quantity vs Quality
While Steam itself has an already fantastic selection of games, Steam Greenlight itself is already proving to be no slouch in this category, with a present rate of this writing of almost 15-30 games an hour, it's rather intimidating to individually review all of them for just a single user, even if that user is a steam power-user. The second point, the Steam Store itself can already prove overwhelming in choice, and while the addition of more never hurts, the addition of games which may have a distinguishably lower quality is a concern of mine, while Steam is definitely with this attempt pushing the industry out of stagnation, (for that you get a cake Valve, and it's not a lie) I am concerned we may have an issue from this push for more originality, more similarity.

Stop!Sheath your sword steam!
Every game on steam was picked to be on steam for a reason, and with Greenlight games can be picked without a necessary reason at all. While I would love to play window washing simulator, and dry cleaning simulator all day, I don't want the steam store being filled with games if almost each game is the same amateur indie dev style, I love indie games, but they're like the fine wine of gaming. Binge-drinking indie games, will not end well, for you, myself, or steam.
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