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Maybe it's just me

Confession: I barely play video games anymore. Although that hasn't stopped me from keeping current on the industry and all of it's happenings, I suppose that in the interest of so-called full disclosure I should share that information with you fine readers of my crude and disjointed blogs. I started watching TV a bit, although only one show (Game of Thrones). I've also gotten into comics over the last 3 or 4 years, spending more and more time with them over that span. And my wife and I watch more movies and spend more time together. At least when she's not playing World of Warcraft. I hate that fucking game. Besides that I just haven't been interested in a lot of the games that have come out this year. I'm excited for HD Nintendo games and just hope I'm able to nab a pre-order for the Wii-U. Maybe that will get me excited again.

I should have mentioned all that in my last blog, which I'm once again too lazy to link to. It was the one where that disgruntled community member bitched about the community and to an extent the website as a whole. I'm sure most of you saw it. A few have responded or reacted with a blog of their own. I'm now reacting, not responding, to those blogs.

Clearly I'm going to have to get over the fact that the old writers and community members are gone, probably forever in almost all cases. And clearly if I want to see Destructoid be successful, which I always wanted, I'm going to have to accept a few changes to the way things work. There's a certain way respectable publications act, and Destructoid seems to have sort of gone down that path. They're still more honest than most websites and they're clearly not letting anybody on the outside really influence them. I get it. All of it.

But that doesn't mean that my complaints are now completely invalid. From what I can tell from my daily visits the community does not seem as tight knit as it used to be, nor do I see as many regulars as I used to. I also see a hell of a lot more stupid comments than I used to. Of course I'm not as actively engaged as I used to be, so perhaps this is just me being really fucking negative in my perception of the website these days. At a glance I simply don't like what I see anymore. This place used to be filled with interesting stuff to read, regardless of the writing quality of a lot of it. People said crazy shit, they wrote in-depth stuff with a lot of depth, and they also had a lot of fucking fun.

That's all I really have to say about the community for now. I need to get to know the newer people more. That's obviously a failing of mine, not the community's or Dtoid's.

As for the website itself, my thoughts are unchanged. It's boring and I'm not a big fan of it anymore. There isn't much else to say without my getting mean and nasty and looking like a total cock-munch. Once again I'll try and blog more though there is no guarantee I actually will.
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