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Okay, Let's Try This Again...

Name�s Scarritt. I�m in my early 30�s, working in retail. Started school at THE Appalachian State University, but, unfortunately, never graduated. Kinda got myself in over my head my second year trying to take on too many classes and had to withdraw. I�d still like to go back to school at some point, but I still have no idea what I would like my major to be (I enrolled my first time as Undecided and never did pick one).

I�d like to think of myself as a fairly intelligent person, but sadly, I am far from a writer. I�ve been wanting to start a blog for a while now, though, and I�ve been dating a cool kid who happens to have one, so I guess he kinda inspired me.

I love gaming, but I�ve never really considered it as something you �get into�, much like I didn�t �get into� reading or something like that. I�ve been gaming most of my life. Being born in the early 80�s, I started out playing on one of the Atari systems (can�t narrow it down more than that, sadly). I can remember the first time I played an NES; I was hanging with my step-brother and a friend of his sometime after its launch, and I was blown away by Super Mario Bros. When I got a chance to play, I couldn�t get past the very first Goomba because I thought you were supposed to press �Up� on the D-pad in order to jump. Obviously that didn�t work. My step-brother and his friend kept laughing and wouldn�t tell me how to get past it, and didn�t let me play long enough to figure out that pressing �A� made Mario jump.

So that year, my mom bought me my very own NES (�86, maybe?). Soon after that, I was spending a weekend at my grandmother�s, and my mom let me take it with me and set it up on my grandmother�s TV. No idea why, but it ended up permanently throwing the channels out of whack (the kind of TV that had a channel dial; if you turned the channel to 5, it would be on 8).

Anyway, favorite game genres: action, RPG, puzzle, the occasional FPS and fighter. Recent games I loved are the Mass Effect trilogy, Fallout New Vegas, Borderlands, Fez, and Red Dead Redemption. I�m playing through Dark Souls at the moment (and loving it), along with Persona 3 Portable, Final Fantasy I on my Windows Phone, and Binding of Isaac.

So yeah, that�s me. Who knows how often I�ll update this thing, but I am working on a second entry (all right, third).
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Name's Josh. I'm a retail whore in my early 30's. My youngest brother describes me as a chill nerd. I enjoy games of many different genres.

Games that I think are awesome:
Chronos Trigger and Cross
Final Fantasies IV, VI, IX, and XII
Katamari Damacy
Dark Souls
Borderlands 1 and 2
Fallout 3 and New Vegas
Mass Effect series
Red Dead Redemption
Persona 3 and 4
Bioshock series
Cave Story
Binding of Isaac
Half-Life series
World of Goo
Rayman Origins
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