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Guild Wars 2 as Esports = Lame?


So far from everything that I've seen about Guild Wars 2 and its primary focus, Player versus Player (PvP) combat, I can say that it looks to be really fun. However, I'd never consider it as a true e-sport, particularly not something I'd enjoy watching on a stream.

New information about GW2 is pouring in from all sides, which isn't much of a surprise considering it's due for release in a few days. One of the latest news that caught my attention is ArenaNet's systems designer Jonathan Sharp commenting that their PvP team has e-sports in mind for Guild Wars 2. The game will launch with free tournaments, but the developer team has plans to get paid tournaments with gem rewards as well. He also announced the release of a spectator mode, although it's not yet ready at this time.

Over the past couple of years I've watched countless League of Legends streams and tournaments, and being a passionate player of the game myself I can appreciate a good match. I find it interesting and dynamic, and really fun to watch. Perhaps because not only can I have fun watching it, but also learn something new or try some tactics and strategies these players employ in my own games.

In Guild Wars 2 however I just don't see the appeal. First of all I doubt I'll ever be playing the game for as long or as frequently as LoL, but still I can see myself enjoy it nearly every day. But I just don't feel that MMORPGs can ever compete in serious e-sports scene. I simply don't think it's a game where spectating can be nearly as fun as participating.

I may be proven wrong, but Guild Wars 2 aiming to make a big impact on the e-sports scene seems far-fetched right now.
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