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A Compulsive Collector's Haul - Early Summer Super Haul (2011)

NOTE: So, you can tell by the title of the blog, this is from LAST year . . . I'm just a LITTLE behind in blog posting! >_< That said, I've got like 6 setup, with PAX 2011 up next, and a LOT of cool stuff coming up, so those who actually read these blogs beforehand, please continue to be patient. I've just been a wee bit busy! =P Also, I'm too lazy to change any of the "at the time" text I wrote, so . . . deal with it! =D That said, if you're reading this NIERO (or anyone else who does the programming on the site), are we ever going to get the MULTI-PICTURE UPLOADING that was from Destructoid 2.0? I forgot how much of a pain in the ass it is to upload pictures one by one. -_-'

Dag yo! So, here’s yet another edition of A Compulsive Collector’s Haul that I’m trying to catch up on. I’ve arbitrarily labeled this edition as “Early Summer Super Haul” for no real reason, except for the fact that I can at least remember a few of these items were obtained not long after my birthday back in May, hahaha! There’s some stuff from June and July for sure, but hey, this blog needed a title. I’ve got quite a lot of swag in this haul, along with some pretty good finds in the game department, some boxed replacements, a couple concert t-shirts, and some super awesome Manchester United stuff from a trip to Seattle in July! Enough intro paragraph, on with the show!

I’m very lucky to have some good friends that work in game stores or can acquire awesome pieces of swag for me. With that said, I know it’s not 2 games removed (technically only one, since this was from “early” summer), but this is the super ballin’, somewhat holographic/reflective Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Countdown Clock that was in a number of EB Games and GameStops. Goddamn this thing is awesome! The only “problem” with it I could find, would be the fact that it can’t be reprogrammed to tell real time, hahaha!

Here we have a couple of promotional shirts, starting with a Splatterhouse one along with a Wii Zapper one as well. Nothing really mind blowing with these two. =P

We follow those up with a Red Dead Redemption GameStop Employee Polo and a Castlevania: Lords of Shadow T-Shirt. The first picture shows the front of each shirt, while the second one shows the back. Note the unchanged and improper release date on the Red Dead Redemption one, and I’m quite a fan of the design on the Castlevania one, minus the whole Facebook link on the back . . . ugh . . . -_-‘

We continue with the awesome swag with a Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time – Prince Dastan Figure (oh so dreamy Jake Gyllenhaal . . . =P), followed by a bitchin’ Harvest Moon Horse Plush (from Harvest Moon DS: Grand Bazaar), then a ModNation Racers Lanyard Card attached to a PlayStation Network Lanyard, and ending with a Sin and Punishment: Star Successor 500 Nintendo Points Card and a Monster Hunter Tri 500 Nintendo Points Card.

Continuing with the miscellaneous swag, I managed to also get a Halo Bifold Wallet & Dog Tags, a Neo Geo Pocket Color Case Logic Case, a Super Mario Beanie, as well as a Super Mario Enemy Hat.

Time for some games! Through some “channels” (yes, let’s go with that . . .), I got a game I’ve been looking for, for a number of years, Earthworm Jim 3D! Not only is it freakin’ Earthworm Jim (in 3D and terrible controlling glory), note how it’s also made by Rockstar Games. We also have a boxed and complete copy of Paper Mario that will replace my less than stellar cartridge only copy!

We continue on with a couple more somewhat hard to get games, in the shape of Earthworm Jim Special Edition on everyone’s favorite system . . . the Sega CD . . . <_< . . . >_> . . . and the somewhat under the radar hit, Grandia on the PlayStation! Oh, how I miss Games Arts teaming up with Working Designs . . . >_<

You’ve heard me bitch about it before, but I’ll have to bring it up again. Amazon.CA sucks compared to Amazon.COM . . . there, I said it! With that said, occasionally I can still get some good deals from the best way of buying games on the internet’s Canadian website! Here we have Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, Naruto Shippuden: Dragon Blade Chronicles, and Naruto Shippuden: Naruto vs. Sasuke. You’ll also note a Naruto Shippuden Keychain and Pin Set as well. Let it be said here, in plain text, I am NOT a fan of Naruto whatsoever. It’s like Dragon Ball Z “Lite” or something in my books, and the only reason I picked up these games was because if you look it up (or just the back covers of the games) you’ll see that THE BEST GAME COMPANY OUT THERE, Atlus, was involved in releasing these games! Dedication to supporting said company? Confirmed! =P

Now it’s time for a bunch of press release stuff, posters, and display items! We start off with a Two Worlds II (actually a good game, ignore the haters, the original, and those who haven’t played it!) Press Release and a BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Poster.

This is only the second of my super backlog of haul blogs, but goddamn do I need a house . . . and soon, if I want to display everything I want to, hahaha! Here we have a Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Oversized Display Box, and right next to it is a Professor Layton and the Unwound Future (still probably the best game I played in 2011) Oversized Display Box.

We move onto a Halo: Reach Launch Packet and Promo Metal Card – Jun, which contrast nicely with a [i]Harvest Moon DS: Grand Bazaar[i] Oversized Display Box.

Hey! It’s more store promotional stuff! We’ve got a Konami Product Line-Up 2010, a Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty Launch Packet, and a DC Universe Online Store Kit. They’re actually pretty interesting reads to see how the publishers want stores to display/advertise their games. Sometimes it goes on to be borderline ridiculous, with stuff like how they “have to” move all other games away from certain areas and say certain phrases to all customers, hahaha!

If you ask me, this is a pretty fantastic picture if you were to see one! d(‘-‘d) These are all boxed and complete copies of Star Fox, Pilotwings, Breath of Fire II, and Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island. Also, they’re actually all replacements for my cartridge only copies I had, which is pretty awesome! ^_^

Back to “listable” sources, hahaha! Through Kijiji, I’m still able to find a few gems every once in a while. Finding any iteration of the Game Boy’s games in box is quite the challenge nowadays, so I was pretty psyched to find these guys. We have Blackthorne (a Blizzard game that doesn’t end in “craft” or “iablo” hahaha!), Classic NES Series: Donkey Kong, and Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts.

From the same guy, I also managed to buy from him a copy of Warcraft II: The Dark Saga on PlayStation (note the old school EA logo), and Lunar: Eternal Blue on Sega CD! Awww yeah!

A small showing from the best store in the universe, Cash Converters, this time around. We have a boxed copy of Excitebike, Double Dragon II: The Revenge, and Kirby’s Dream Land (all replacements), and Dungeons & Dragons: Warriors of the Eternal Sun. Pretty sweet if you ask me!

We also have a couple more “recent” games, with Killzone and the 2 disc, standalone version of Growlanser Generations coming from my favorite store! Oh Working Designs

I hope I don’t need to elaborate on them (although, there are quite a few new members), but through the awesomeness of Goozex, I managed to receive Super Street Fighter II (go Fei Long!) and Pokémon Red Version to add to my collection.

Hey! I actually bought a few new games as they came out! We have the Atlus made Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga (which in typical Atlus fashion, came with a free art book and soundtrack included) and possibly Destructoid’s Game of the Year (yes, possibly, because I TOTALLY didn’t write this in the new year after the site’s Game of the Year was already announced . . . <_< . . . >_> . . .), Portal 2. A side note for those who will eventually ask, I ACTUALLY PLAYED the crap out of Portal 2, completing both the single player and co-op! *is proud of himself!*

As some of you know, I also like to go to concerts and have a very wide array of music that I listen to and enjoy. My buddy got me a ticket to go with him to Death Cab for Cutie. It was an interesting concert, as they were actually touring before their new album, Codes and Keys came out, so pretty much no one in the crowd knew most of the songs they were playing. As usual, I have to get my concert t-shirt, so that’s what you’re looking at. At least they played Crooked Teeth and I Will Follow You Into The Dark.

I don’t care what anybody says (I’ve got my eyes on you Corduroy Turtle, hahaha, I kid mate, I kid! =P), but Breakfast in America is one of the best albums of all time! I also went to Supertramp sometime during the summer and it was quite the awesome concert! There were only a few of the original members of the band left, but it didn’t really detract from the experience. They played everything on said album as well, plus others, so that was awesome! They also had some REALLY bad (so bad, they’re good) puns/stories that led up to Breakfast in America and Take the Long Way Home.

Guide time! I’ll just say it again, if you need/want to buy a strategy guide, ALWAYS use Amazon, as you’ll usually get it for close to half off and they have a large selection! In this picture, we have the guides for Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy (otherwise known as Final Fantasy: Fighting Game With Obnoxious Title That No One Knows What It Means And We Love Using Latin Or Whatever Language To Be Cool Heart Plus One Thirteen Oh Oh One Firaxala Moogle Chocobo XVII) and The 3rd Birthday.

Next up we have guides I got from a buddy cleaning up his stuff. He gave me the guides for the original Metal Gear Solid (by Millennium, which I assume is now defunct) and Final Fantasy IX, which might actually be the WORST guide of all time, as it tells you numerous times to get information from PlayOnline, instead of the guide, and that website no longer exists, hahaha!

Our guide section ends with a couple retro ones, in the form of the Dragon Warrior III Guide and the Super NES Guide. The former is for one of the best Game Boy Color games around and the latter covers the majority of the big hits on the SNES.

So, time for a mini-interlude. Back on July 20, 2011, I got to experience one of my dreams. I managed to get tickets to see Manchester United live! Once again, if you’ve followed my blog with any regularity, you’d know that I am a HUGE fan of them and seeing them has always been a dream of mine. As soon as they announced their American tour, I had to get tickets, especially since it wasn’t far from me, in the city that is the home of PAX, Seattle! So, a month prior to PAX 2011, I flew to Seattle to realize that dream! The first picture is me outside of CenturyLink Field, followed up by the starting lineups getting ready for the game, and then the third one is a picture of me inside the stadium, showing how close/ballin’ my seats were! The final score was 7 – 0 for United and it was surprising and awesome to see how into the game the Sounder fans were! d(‘-‘d) It’s unfortunate how I got there the day of the game, so I couldn’t go to any training sessions to get autographs or pictures, but that’s for next time, unless I somehow get to England to watch them there! <3

Of course I had to get some souvenirs and goodies. I was actually quite surprised at the lack of “friendship” merchandise that features both teams, the date, etc. The one thing that did was this scarf to add to my growing collection. It features both teams’ crests, along with the date and location of the game.

Every seat had a lanyard and little card in the cup holder and well, some people didn’t care for theirs, so I managed to snag a few extra! =D

Here we have the Official Matchday Program with quips from the players, staff, managers, and some information about both teams. I also grabbed a few extra Team Rosters.

Besides the typical accuracy shooting and such they had outside the stadium, they also had people giving away Pennants celebrating the occasion, and needless to say, I may have also grabbed a few extra of these! =P

So, I also stayed a few extra days in Seattle to just take in some sites and restaurants that I didn’t have time to see/go to during my previous trips to PAX. In that time, I decided to give a ring to my good bud TheCleaningGuy of whom I just wanted to see in general, and who also had some swag from E3 for me! Since he was a jerk and got to go! =P That said, here’s yet another terrible picture (we just can’t take a good picture together) of us, at the Experience Music Project (EMP) Museum. They had some Battlestar Galactica exhibit and a Nirvana one too.

Back to gaming stuff! =P Here we have the start of the stuff TheCleaningGuy got me. We have a Splatterhouse Review Guide (hahaha . . . review guides!), with E3 2011 Show Daily for Days 1 and 2 . . . no 3 though, hahaha!

This is the bag he gave me everything in, which is just an Ignition Games (great company) Bag!

Being a Sega fan, of course he’d get extras of that stuff, so here we have a Sonic Lanyard, 2 Sonic Generations Coasters (one of Old Sonic and one of New Sonic), some World Robot Boxing Trading Cards, as well as a Survival Code – The Genesis Confidential Package. Not too sure along the latter items, but the Sonic ones were hella cool, hahaha!

The moment I laid eyes on this from I believe Hamza’s tweet, I knew I HAD TO HAVE ONE! Luckily, I know one of the most awesome Servbot (Kobun) loving guys around, who really pulled through for me! ^_^ Here we have not one, but TWO Catherine E3 Lanyard Cards that were given only to attendees! Catherine, Atlus, sauciness . . . awesome!

Up next are 5 Square Enix E3 Advertisement Cards for: Dead Island, Hitman: Absolution, some game I’m too lazy to remember or look up, Tomb Raider, and Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Amongst them, you’ll also see an Ed Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron[i] E3 Advertisement Card and a [i]Magical Drop V E3 Advertisement Card.

No trip to Seattle is complete in my books, unless you visit Pink Gorilla. I was interested in seeing what kind of stuff they had, prior to them setting up for PAX, and despite being blatantly lied to about whether or not they were holding stuff back for the show (it was funny how they tried, hahaha), I still managed to find Banjo-Pilot, Kirby’s Star Stacker, and Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land (to replace my cartridge only copy), which I found to be quite sweet!

I also forgot to mention the most ballin’ bakery I’ve ever been to! It’s kitty corner to Pink Gorilla and is run by some Japanese ladies who use the meticulous Japanese attention to detail on European style baked goods. The result is the best tasting baked goods I’ve ever had! Seriously! Just look at them! I’ve added the place to my routine whenever I’m in Seattle and I may have gone to them again when I went to PAX . . . ;-D For those wondering, the name of the place is Fuji Bakery!

Back to Calgary I suppose, hahaha! Here we just have a DOMO and Friends Figure Set I got from the hobby store that I visit every once in a while. I picked it up because it had more than just DOMO in it, with Tashanna and Mr. Usaji making an appearance! ^_^

Back to a few more Cash Converters items. This is a Nintendo Game Boy Dynamat Carrying Case. It’s actually fairly large, but the handle makes it seem like a briefcase. It’s got room for the handheld, like 10 games, and the various accessories for it.

Here we have a Nintendo Super Mario Bros. NES Carrying Case. At first I thought this was just a huge lunch bag, but upon further inspection, there are straps to hold the NES console in place and pockets for the controllers, power adapter, and various cables. I’ve never seen one of these before either, which made the find all the sweeter.

The same can be said about this Nintendo NES Cartridge Carrying Case I also picked up. It looks cool since it’s gold plated and made out of a leather like material. It holds 10 NES cartridges and was just another cool find.

So ends another edition of A Compulsive Collector’s Haul. I think I’ve got a PAX 2011 haul lined up to be my next one. I may also have finally written about my experience at PAX by then too, only 6 months later, hahaha! =P Still, hopefully you enjoyed this one and you’ll be around to see the next one. Until then, latez mates!
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