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Let's All Just Take a Deep Breath . . . OK


3: Flaming the Fires of Controversy

I've stated earlier that there is a time and place for "hot topics" to be discussed and some of those involve video games. I also stated that they should indeed be addressed and fixed. But the problem, on top of being compounded with the previous two issues, is that most of it is either redundant or argumentative for the sake of being argumentative.

We all know about Anita Sarkeesian's Kickstarter project. It's a video series examining how women as a whole are portrayed in video games. I'm not going to focus on the controversy surrounding it, but I'm going to tell you why I don't support it.

A.) It points out a problem we already know exists. The games industry has a problem with sexism. We all know this, whether we as gamers are okay with it is a different matter entirely. But my issue is that it won't add anything or help win the fight for the treatment of women in video games.

B.) Pointing out a problem is NOT the same as finding a solution for it. Let me be hypothetical for a bit:

You have a problem finding a house, everyone else has a house but you, you complain to everyone about not having a house. So you starting raising money for one. But rather than buying a house with that money, you instead buy ad space in various newspapers and billboards saying "I NEED A HOUSE!!!". Anita's project is, more or less, the same problem.

Instead of using all the money for a useless video series, she should use it to fund the development of a game that has a well developed female lead, or maybe a scholarship for aspiring female programmers/writers to get into making video games. Rather than passive-aggressively point out a problem, then imply it's someone else's problem to fix.


Essentially I'm complaining about there being too much complaining going on. And I'm not saying to stop it altogether, I'm suggesting that we scale down our cynicism a bit, and balance it out with some of that love and enthusiasm we all have for video games. In fact I'll be writing another C-blog soon about how I let video games encourage communication within my relationship with my fiance. We all love video games and have the power to change what is wrong with them as well as share what we love about them.

Whatdayasay we give it a try huh?
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