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Steam Greenlight: What can it mean for the platform?


Steam Greenlight is on its way and with it, a revolution in the way content is released on the platform. Oddly, Project Greenlight does not sound like an automated process. With it steam community members will be left to contact developers to submit their content for release on Steam. If it goes well from there, community votes for a game will determine if it is released or not, or at least the title will go into talks from there. All of these steps directly involve community members, developers, and staff - which is an interesting thing to consider. In the world of publically available software, generally speaking the more automation the better, but with this system Valve can regulate content appropriately.

Valve is the hottest piece of prime software company stock that everyone wants a piece of but cannot have. They are a private company and with those trappings come super secret R&D projects and games - that people may never know anything about, ever. With Greenlight Valve will be able to cater to hungry masses more readily and without a doubt increase profits marginally within the year of its release.

What might Greenlight mean to developers?

Developers will be able to make their content more readily available as they will now directly submit their work to the Steam Community for voting, if it gets enough votes it will have an official launch on the platform. This is great news for developers who have had difficulty releasing their content on Steam, knowing fans are hungry for their content.

What will Greenlight mean for other platforms?

When Greenlight was announced there was a wave of consumers across many video game blogs, communities, forums, and closed circles - all of which simultaneously appeared to raise their hands to their mouths, turn and look over their left shoulder, and point directly at Desura and say, "Oh shit bro, their coming after YOU.".
I am sure this initial reaction was not localized to any singular group of friends, forum, or thread revolving around the subject of Greenlight. It is realistic to consider that this new initiative can destroy the budding Desura platform, but it will not. Titles from Desura will see their way to Steam without question. There are many great games, mostly independently developed, funded, and launched - that NEED the exposure and revenue Steam can open them to, so that they might continue to do exactly what it is they love and are gifted with.

Why will Desura not be destroyed?

Desura may be the revenue generating preliminary steps leading up to a Steam release for many titles. For some titles, that's exactly what it has been but with Greenlight this straight will be more strongly defined. Desura at a glance appears to be centered on independent developers commentating on the work of peers. That is not to say Desura doesn't have its own fairly large community of gamers. The numbers for Desura's available titles, active sales or users are nowhere near what Steam has, but what it does have is certainly nothing to scoff at. Thousands of people use the Desura platform and its services. Their membership is nothing to scoff at, nor is the support from developers, they have done fairly well and may continue to do fairly well even after Greenlight's launch. With Greenlight Desura will be defined as the springboard to which titles will see their eventual release on Steam. When Greenlight launches you can be certain Desura will be there and will continue to be there, long after it's release.

I'm looking forward to it.

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