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Overview: Dead Space 2

What if gothic horror writer H.P. Lovecraft made a game? Then that game would be Silent Hill. If he decided to make an action horror game, it would be Dead Space 2. Dead Space 2 is the sequel to the 2008 original of the same name, Dead Space. Isaac Clarke, the sole survivor of the original, must battle the horrors of the Necromorphs once again. Now that Isaac Clarke is more ready about the attack than last time he becomes faster.

I will declare that Dead Space 2 is the greatest Jump Scare game of all time. If you played the original, you know what you will get. As you walk on the creepy new area called The Sprawl, you will encounter an alien race known as Necromorphs. The way they attack is to bust out of vents and ceilings causing you to panic. You should know when an attack is coming, but the way the sound is, it makes the attacks startling. Sometimes they play dead, but you quickly learn to shoot them anyway.


I believe it was unintentional, but after killing of what I thought was dead, I walked over to a Necromporph and it jumped up and attacked me. What made this more startling was the fact that I had shot at it a few times. I was going over there to stomp the dead necromorph to get loot. This is how you get health and ammo. Either by dead Necromorphs or breakable boxes. Isaac will stomp down his foot and get things. It�s an amazingly powerful foot. It has the power to amputate body parts of everyone and everything.

I don't think it's a girl

While you do deal with the older types of necromorphs, there are new types of Necromorphs the game has. Babies that will blow up when you shoot at them, Kids that rush you, ones that will stalk you, which comes with a great Jurassic Park reference, and ones that will puke at you.


You do get new weapons, but I found that the classic Pulse Rifle and Plasma Cutter will do just fine. Those are the weapons I had with me. I actually didn�t bother with the other weapons this allowed me to upgrade my weapons faster. You upgrade your weapons, stasis, and rig by power nodes. You get the nodes by either finding them or buying them. The best thing about the Dead Space series so far is the New Game Plus ability. Any stats you had when you first beat the game is carried over. So you can play the game again with all your stats so far. This will allow you to try out the weapons the game has for you. You can even beat Zealot difficulty this way, but not hardcore. In hardcore mode you only get three saves for the entire game, and if you die, you go back to the last time you saved. This will be the equivalent of the High Mile Club achievement in Call of Duty 4. Not a lot of people has it, but ones that do will be met with awe.


The reason I believe that the story of Dead Space 2 is very Lovecraftian is that it has the same themes of the late author�s work; Insanity, Other worldly beings, and a crazed occult, and that sense of the unknown. The Lovecraftian influence is so strong that you need a body to open a door. The only one that can go through is a scientist named Howard Phillips. This would be the full name of the famous author; Howard Phillips Lovecraft.

No free falling here

It�s got a couple of nagging issues with the game, but that should not stop you to play it. It�s got intense action, genuine scares, and a pretty solid story. With Dead Space 3 coming, after playing Dead Space 2, I am now looking forward to Dead Space 3. The reason for human enemies is now justifiable.
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