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Resident Evil and Me - Part 3: Big Changes, RE6 Demo Impressions & Future Wishes

This is the conclusion of my Resident Evil-themed blog posts, and what better way to end than looking forward. We all know that RE6 is on the horizon, and there is a mixed feeling of excitement, scepticism and disappointment already among the fans. Before we get into that though, let’s rewind a little and begin with RE4. A phenomenal title, a masterpiece of the last generation – but also the game responsible for Resident Evil’s new direction, thus separating the fans.

Part 1 and 2 were nostalgia trips of the classic games and the underrated Remake. These were the simpler days – the games were scary, there were zombies, and everyone loved them. But then RE4 was announced, and everything changed. All the wonderful player limitations that I discussed previously were now gone. Fixed camera angles were replaced by a new over-the-shoulder view; the slot-based inventory system for a new large grid-based attaché case; and zombies for crazy farmer villagers.

Though overused in modern games, when done right zombies are a fantastic enemy and I’ve never lost fascination with them. First, there’s the danger of viral spreading. Zombies can contaminate anyone with a single bite or scratch. You can get away without being eaten alive (which is already one of the worst imaginable ways to die), but if you made the mistake of getting too close you’re still becoming one of them, and you’ll soon wish to feast on your friends’ tender flesh. The spreading factor then means ever-increasing hordes to outnumber you, bringing a claustrophobic element where you’re never alone. This was of course executed superbly in RE1’s mansion, but even a larger area like Raccoon City perfectly executed the constant groans and howls of the undead in the background that serve as a haunting reminder that you’re surrounded and may never escape alive. Plus, it’s bad enough to witness your friend or survival partner die, but to then see them as a walking corpse and having to kill them a second time can only be a traumatising situation.

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