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60 game year challenge update 4: continental drift

Finally games 25-27, almost there to the midway point, Dtoid, hopefully I'll have my summaries of the last couple of games up tomorrow as well. Either way, for now, enjoy catching up to where I currently am in the challenge. Or should I say was?

Captain Commando Ėdate beat April 9


I, like many people out there, have not heard of Captain Commando till Marvel vs. Capcom. Frankly I wasnít that interested at first, till I saw his team. A mummy, a ninja, and a baby? A BABY?!? In a mech suit? It certainly stuck with me that Captain Commando was a bizarre game, and when I found out that Capcom Collection Vol. 2 had both Captain Commando and Strider, I knew I had to get it. And frankly after I got it, I forgot about it, and it was sitting on my shelf unopened till this very day or rather the day I beat it. But today was a little different and my friend wanted me to come over and hang out and I figured, why not bring it along? Little did I know my friend and I would beat it within the 2 hrs. we hanged out at his house. It really shocked me, after getting past the 6th stage I knew we be able to beat it before I had to leave and sure enough we did.
As for Captain Commando, well the game is short and easy. Granted my friend and I were dying left and right, and if this were an arcade we be down 10 bucks. But this was the console version and we abused our free life's like no tomorrow. To say the least the game screams 90ís like no oneís business. Over the top characters, typical music for beat'em ups, floor food, and of course, terrible recorded voice audio! As we beat the game and Captain Commando shouted his name, we both laughed at the terrible audio quality because it just sounded so stupid compared to the audio nowadays. Still though, playing this game really brought back memories of playing in the arcades and hooking up with strangers in order to beat a game, and I loved it for that. It certainly wasnít the best beat up I ever played, but it was nostalgic and overall good for a quick playthrough. And the fact itís so short I may actually play this game again with another one of my friends, and maybe to actually play this game correctly as well instead of spamming to save my life.

Conclusion: Captain Commando certainly holds the spirit of the 90ís and while it isnít the best beat up, it certainly is up there, if only for itís over the top characters. I honestly donít know why this series isnít given another chance, I think it can set the gaming world on fire, I mean a Baby in a mech suit?! How can that not get someone's attention with that?!

Kid Icarus 3D Classic Ė date beat April 21


After playing the HAAMAZING game know as Kid Icarus Uprising I decided to finally devote my time to the game that inspired it all, the original Kid Icarus. Like all lucky people that pre-ordered Uprising you got the 3D classic, Kid Icarus, free of charge. And starting out, well I was reminded why the phrase ďNintendo HardĒ exists. I mean, my goodness perhaps the hardest level is the first simply due low health and learning the ropes of the game. But after several off putting attempts I finally past the first level, which took me several weeks of giving up each time I got a game over. At the least the game does save after every stage so itís at least a bit forgiving. However for the biggest part of it all the game sure doesnít tell you anything about itself. I literally had to watch a Letís Play just to find out you can use different items. I was also surprised to learn that experience was acquired thru high score. Truly a feeling I havenít felt in a long while, learning and discovering new things about a game you just played by watching someone else play it, it just felt so nostalgic.
Really though, this game is pretty awesome, despite my constant complaining. In good truth the game has a lot to offer despite how short it actually is. In fact you could probably beat this whole game in 2hours ,or 1 if youíre good at it. Kid Icarus 3D certainly does feel like an old fossil coming back to life reminding us of a simpler gaming time. One where it was hard to do just about everything, and information was limited, and praised for knowing it. But what it doesn't give is the feeling of Kid Icarus in 3D, the tacked on 3D is so gimmicky, and poorly executed that its hard to notice much of a difference with the slider on. Pretty much the only thing that changes is the background to give the front ground a more pop up feel to it, but it really doesn't work well at all. Thatís not to say the remake wasn't needed though, the original had a lot of problems. For the most part the game was made easier for the player by making a lot of the enemies and damage output weaker. There is also a lot less lag to Pit and jumping compared to the original which makes this game far more enjoyable then its older counterpart because its simply more playable. Never the less Kid Icarus is a classic in its own right, and was glad I could experience both it and its newly released game.

Conclusion: The 3D totally sucks, but this game is called a Classic for a reason. Kid Icarus is a literal blast from the past being challenging till the end, but still retaining that 80ís charm. While itís shortly lived, the challenge, highscores and multiple endings gives you something to crawl back too.
Prototype Ė Date Beat May 5


When Prototype first came out I got it mixed up with the game Infamous a lot. I mean the stories seemed similar, they were both released around the same time, and with me being on a personal boycott for Activision I decide not to venture into it. As well it didn't really seem that deeply engaging to me. But for Christmas my friend got this game from his older brother, and after he beat it said I could borrow it. So I decided, for the sake of this New Yearís Resolution, Iíd play Prototype.
Now was it just me or was this game rushed? There was a lot that seemed missing throughout the game and it really felt like they were just trying to hurry it along and make the release date. A lot of the characters just seem to ďdisappearĒ with in the story with no real explanation later on. This could be due to it being in the "web of intrigue", but thatís a rather sloppy way of doing it considering that its quite noticeable and doesn't make for good story telling. As well a lot of missions just feel like, ďdo this because I said soĒ and Alex is all like Ďokay Iím going to do itĒ, "he does it", repeat process. There is a story to this, but aside from the beginning and the end it just felt like it was filler and they were trying to hurry with just the parts they actually did. Just so much of the story felt like it was there and you can tell there were parts missing, but you couldn't quite put your finger on it. It was really distracting and it left me with an unsettling feeling. But by all means the story doesn't damper the gameplay but it certainly makes playing the game more of a chore then part of interesting story.
Not the say gameplay is without its flaws though. The lock on system just doesnít lock on properly. You can be facing your target, but it will lock on to the bigger target behind it, and when you do try to switch targets there are so many targets to choose from that you often stumble on the wrong one. This can get really frustrating fast as a lot of enemies only leave you with so much time to counter attack. As for the bosses they seemed like they were interesting, but just ended up dull and boring. The game certainly seems like it can get some great bosses out of its concept, but a lot of it just falls apart in pratice. More often then not you are faced with wave after wave of enemies that try to attack you while youíre trying to attack the boss, and the boss does so much damage to you, that you have to play a constant hit and run game otherwise you die and have to start all over. This makes boss battles tedious and annoying rather than challenging which is a big let down to say the least. This is very apparent in the final boss battle which is just the biggest let down I've experienced throughout this challenge and perhaps my gaming career. It doesnít help that itís a rather unfair fight either, considering he can pretty much OHKO you each time he touches you! And its time too, so you're put into a rock and a hard place of playing hit and run, while trying to constantly attack him, making the fight more of a headache then an exciting last battle. Really the best time you will have playing Prototype is just exploring the city and doing stealth missions. While stealth missions can get annoying, they offers a nice change of pace for the game, and if they focused more on stealth missions the game would have been a lot more interesting. As for just exploring the city, there is just so much you can do to kill time, like gliding around, hoping around builds, doing varies side missions, and mini games like racing around the city collecting orbs. If Prototype just focused on delivering just one of these kind of things that the minigames or stealth missions offered I'm sure it would be far better than what it is now, but for what we have is an unfocused gaming trying to do everything, and giving nothing of great value. It's a shame too because there is a lot of potential in Prototype that just seems like it was barely missed.
Conclusion: Prototype is only a shadow of what it could have been, it certainly was there, but it just never did flesh out. But for what it is, Prototype is still pretty interesting, and certainly brings something to the table; just donít expect it to be a grand venture.[img]
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