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The Binding of Isaac -- Instruction Manual

The Binding of Isaac is brutally difficult, complicated and incredibly deep. These things combined can also make it a somewhat confusing, clumsy experience for those just starting out. After sinking 100+ hours into this beast, I figured I should at least share some general knowledge that I�ve picked up over that time. Hopefully this will help clear up some questions a few of you have about this mean motherfucker of a game.

This "manual" covers the original game content along with stuff that was added with The Wrath of the Lamb expansion. Although the expansion does make the game significantly more difficult in some ways but also adds a bunch of neat stuff that makes the overall game more fun too. If you don't have it, get it! Also, if you don't have it, a lot of the stuff mentioned below is gonna sound foreign.

Disclaimer: I didn�t fully realize how huge this game was until I started cataloging all the different categories of items and rooms. This was initially supposed to be a �quick reference� guide for newbies to the game but it ended up being much bigger than I planned. The danger of SPOILERS is a possibility, I guess. I don�t go into any depth about the story, specific enemy types or boss strategies. This will most definitely fall into TL;DR territory for most of you but I�m okay with that.



Hoooooooooly shit that took a long time. Of course it�s only after writing this monstrosity that I realize you could have easily just looked at the Wiki or something else online, albeit without my literary touch. Regardless, it�s been done and it was fun to write. I hope this helps to clear up some questions a few of you may have. I may do a combat strategy and basic enemy guide if you guys feel it's necessary. Of course if any veterans out there have any tips or suggestions that I failed to include, please let me know in the comments. That goes for mistakes too!
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