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Tales of New Eden: Return of the PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW!

Like the title says, I'm back in and balls deep this time. I went for the Power of 2 deal. So I got me another character on the go who is a full blown industrialist. She is mining and making shit already. Best news is that this new character ain't far from my main character now.
For I have joined the Blue Republic in the fight against the Red Federation in the never ending war (from 2006(?))! But on my first night I forgot that you need to sort out quitting the last corp I was in. So 24 hours later I was a blue and tonight instead of hauling shit to my new home. I jumped in my Super Merlin and joined the fleet to do battle. The only problem was that I have been drinking a little vodka to forget that I'm on-call (pain in the arse) this weekend.

Now I was a little bit worried about my Merlin. It is a shield tank with a some close range blasters with a web and a armour repairer as backup. I was worried that splitting it a little bit would cause an issue of sorts or I am wasting it on more useful low slots. Turned out things went well for me for once.

Once the fleet mobilised. We ventured out and got into a fight of 30 vs 30. This was the first time I was in a what felt like a large scale battle. It was fucking brilliant. I was weaving between ships shooting at them and doing some good damage to them. Luckily my shield tank is a little overkill with some rigs to boost my shield health and add a lot of EM resistance with my invulnerability field. I took a lot of damage and got only as low as my shield. Not once was my shield eaten up. Once we finished off the red's cruiser, in which I contributed a massive 7% of the damage given to him. We took off back to safer ground where more blues were joining the fight. We bolstered up to 40 odd pilots. But me slowly getting drunk and chatting to a friend on Steam ended up with me being extremely lost. I joined up again 5 - 10 minutes later I managed to find them in the middle of nowhere. Where we eventually took to the fight once again.

We entered the fight once more. This battle was more confusing as we had a different fleet commander and I wasn't aware who he was talking about when making primary. So I shot at people blindly but unfortunately my guns are shit at range. I gotta get close. So I may have got on killmails with just adding webbing to a victim. But once I leant what was going on. I helped mop up and help finish any last reds. We won this battle for sure. Unfortunately I missed out on looting any space wrecks. But a great thing happened. A red federation salvager came along to try and get some of the loot too. But didn't realise we hadn't left. He was an easy target to 40+ Blues.

We took off to ready up and get ourselves ready for my last battle. I heard about an old Blue player that joined the reds recently. The Blues wanted him dead. We got into the fight once more. Problem was that I warped in with the larger ships. So I was 20 - 30km away from everyone else. I had to burn in. But once I was in and had learnt from the previous fight. I was pew pewing away. I took some hits but still nothing did much against me. I was concentrating on ruining the other frigates day by webbing and shooting them down once they had slowed. I think it went well. I even got a few mil of tech 2 gear dropped by some of the reds. That will be handy for my cruisers and destroyers. :)

So what have I learnt today? PvP is great when in a corp that is in a perpetual war. Also that I learnt some new fleet coms skills and drinking and procrastinating can lead to being a lone pup in a sea of red.
I'll get more detailed battle reports. But at the moment. I've drunk too much to not remember the grand details of the battle.
I think I'm going to fit in nicely with the Blue Republic. :)
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