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Sengoku Basara, and the Lessons Therein


Games are evolving -- into what, itís hard to say, but theyíre evolving regardless. If theyíre going to evolve into something memorable, then we need something memorable to latch onto. Spectacle and set-pieces can help, but for a lot of people thatís not enough anymore. If games and their developers want to make badasses, thatís fine. But understanding all the particulars is vital.

Iíve said about twenty six hundred words too many on this subject, so Iíll do something different. Iíll leave you with this clip from boxing anime Hajime no Ippo. Admittedly, I donít know the series too well outside of a couple of clips and details, but that clip alone is enough to make me understand why the series has lived on for more than ten years. The passion. The drive. The heart. All that and more, in a single clip; even if the punches themselves are awe-inspiring, seeing that spirit in action is what demands respect. Seeing that courage before the match -- and the joy afterward -- is whatís important.

Well, that's my take on how to be badass. Is it the ironclad rule? Of course not; everyone has their own definitions, and their own examples of praise-worthy heroes (and I'm actually interested in hearing what you all think about the subject). Even so, I've made my claim -- and I'll leave on this final call to action.

Letís all take a lesson from Sengoku Basara. Let us all put our guns on...for glory.

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