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Games Played This Month - June 2012!


For two hours, I toured this section of the universe gathering
materials and upgrading my ship. Encountering aliens was always
interesting. The fights I had with them, are just some of the most
intense battles imaginable. In a fight, things play sort of like
asteroids where your ship can float in any direction, but depending on
your equipment and weapons how your ship controls drastically changes.
I had a laser beam that if, if I landed, obliterated enemies.

My combat experience was more in the vs option from the main menu. My
actual exploration was limited. I barely did anything of substance in
the actual game. I became stuck on a planet, unsure how to leave. I
wasted time trying to talk to aliens. I had a great time. This game,
must be played.

X-Com - MS Dos

Again, this game must be played. I put many hours into this early on
this month. I'm so excited for that new one. I'm actually excited for
a video game. That just doesn't happen anymore. If they don't fuck up,
that new Xcom might work. I'm so hopeful for it. I really need to
reign myself in.


Any questions about what I played?

Any suggestions for what I should play?

And remember, The Bonerquest book is still happening. I'm still
writing it, I want you guys to buy a copy and read it when I'm done.

That's it!
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