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I support rape in Tomb Raider. You should too.


I don't have a lot of time at the moment so this blog is going to be short. I haven't done any real research either so shut the fuck up.

So apparently the bad guys in the newest Tomb Raider game rub Lara's (very nice) legs or something like that. While this would technically be sexual assault in most countries if the person being rubbed did not want to be rubbed, it's certainly not rape. That usually comes later.

And even if some bad guys do try to rape Lara, what's the problem? I mean, who knew bad people (criminals) who hurt, kill, and steal would also partake in a little rape from time to time? It's shocking, I know. It happens in movies and on TV shows and it happens a hell of a lot in many books. Don't like rape? Don't read A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones for those unfortunate enough to not enjoy that particular series). Or the Bible. Pretty sure there is plenty of rape there. Or how about The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? Nobody is calling Lisbeth, the main character, a girly girl or a weakling, but that bitch got raped and abused pretty bad by some creepy fat guy. She took the rape and abuse and waited until the time was right to get her revenge. Apparently when you're all dark and goth you're considered resourceful and intelligent for getting raped and then getting revenge.

Lara, on the other hand, is apparently being objectified and used for male power fantasies. Thing is, unlike Lisbeth, Lara is taking guns and spears and killing her would-be rapists before they get the chance to do anything. And you can be sure that if she does suffer any rape the player will be given the opportunity to kill the fucker that did it.

So really all I'm saying is that the people who have a problem with this game are wrong, plain and simple. It's not all gray like Jim Sterling said in his article about it. Anybody doesn't like the idea of a woman getting raped in a game or movie or book has the choice to simply not play, watch, or read about it.

Of course that doesn't really explain why they're wrong. They're wrong because rape is real life. Women get raped every day. Men get stabbed or shot or poisoned when some women take revenge. People hurt people. Men hurt women. Women hurt men. People hurt people. And animals. And children.

And these things should never not be included in a video game, whether it's to shock and surprise or to genuinely serve some sort of purpose for a given story. Movies, TV, and books are left alone. Video games should be too. You're free to disagree but you're also wrong if you do. It's called freedom. It's always right.


Feel free to use my choice of words and language (like referring to Lisbeth as a bitch) as the basis of your argument for why I'm a pig or something. That's what stupid people usually do. They find something unrelated to the issue at hand and wave it around like a retard with a balloon.
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