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Games Played This Month - May 2012


The servers were going offline, so I thought I would play some more.
But I'm done. I beat this and Dark Souls, I'm done. I never should
come back to either game, I just don't have the time. But fuck I love
both of them. Two of the greatest games I'll ever play, that will
never get the recognition they deserve. Dark Souls got some sleeper
hit juice last year and both sold decently, but these should be
monster hits. Monster triple a games that nobody can fuck with.

I got nothing else to say really, just keep checking back here and
twitter. I'll let everybody know what I'm up too.

Right now I'm too busy with my night job to do much of anything, I
can barely sleep and do anything. I'm doing lots of work on a the
Bonerquest book and any free time I get, I want to actually play
video games, not hang out on a video game website or write long
articles with lots of pictures for a video game website. I still dabble
here if I can, but I just can't hang like I used to. Which bums me out.

I really am upset about the format on this one, but I have exactly ten minutes to get this finished and done.

That's it!
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