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Silent Hill Fandom: Rage Incarnate

As I'm sure many of you out there are plenty well aware, gamers can be an angry bunch, certain communities more so than others. League of Legends, Counter-Strike, DOTA, and the entirety of Xbox live are generally a couple examples of the worst in gaming, but I believe there's one fanbase that's right up their with the rest of these classy people: The Silent Hill community.

A couple months ago I made a video addressing some of the more overly negative Silent Hill fans, and uploaded it onto Youtube to to a decent response, a lot of the less doomy and gloomy fans enjoyed it quite a bit. It was featured on quite a few Silent Hill fansites like Silent Hill Historical Society and Inner Fear. Tomm Hulett, the current producer of the Silent Hill series sent me an email thanking me for making it, Tom Waltz who writes a lot of the Silent Hill comics loved it as well.

I had no intention of sharing it on Destructoid or anywhere else really, but I figured I should have, as it took some time. so here it is:

Silent Hill Fandom: Rage Incarnate

(tried to embed video, couldn't get it to work)

I'm not sure how interesting it may be to those of you that aren't big Silent Hill fans, but it may be worth a laugh.
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