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15 of Karutomaru's Role Models

[This is not my blog post. This blog was written by community member Karutomaru, whose account is currently undergoing difficulties.]

When you play games as much as I do, you start to form a connection to the especially well-developed characters. Over time, that connection almost feels as though they’re a person in real life, and you start to see that their ideals match your own, and that their actions are not unlike those we take in life. You learn from them, to the point of being role models, as though the games are another parent. I know how that feels. Over the years, I have looked up to different characters and their characteristics that I try and follow to better myself. Each of them has taught me something important I use in my everyday life, and I now take this blog to honor their teachings. This is a list of 15 of Karutomaru’s nerdy inspirations. I should point out that one of these is a person in real life. Try to figure out who that is.

For teaching me proper crime and punishment: Magnius.

I have learned much from gaming, and I hope I can learn more. People say spending too much time playing games and watching anime can have a negative influence, but mine has brought me nothing but good.
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