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Still going strong, 60 game year challenge cont.

Hey Dtoid, I know its been a while, but you know how things can get right? College makes you forget to update things, and keeps you busy with wild crazy parties, so obviously I've been staying at home playing games to complete my new years resolution! For those that don't know, I plan to beat 60 games I have never beaten before in my life and tell you what I think about them! I'm getting close to the half way point as it is, but I do have some catching up to do, so Ill be trying to update for the rest of the week to have everyone else catch up with me. So here is where I left off. Stay tuned...

Mega Man 3 - date beat Feb. 21


After hearing so many good things about Mega Man 3, I have to say Iím a bit underwhelmed. Itís not like its bad, it isnít. But I donít see the argument for "best Mega Man game" here. Sure you get to refight the robot masters from 2 and the story is probably the best in terms of Mega Man games, but it simply doesnít stack up to what I know. MM7, 9, and 10, I think they did it better. The music was better, the difficulty was better, and the game(s) themselves were in general better than Mega Man 3. Still I do like MM3, and if anything it is the most unique Mega Man game I have played to date. Just everything about it has a certain off factor to it, and perhaps that's why people like it so much? I mean there isn't an exact cycle of weapons, but rather two weapon triangles, and the surprise of fighting the old MM2 robot masters must have been a shock to players in the NES days. But for people like me that are playing it in a more modern age, we don't get that same sense of shock.
As for what I found underwhelming about it over previous mega man games I have played, well for one, the difficult goes up rather high but then just falls down at the end. Its not that the difficulty is all over the place, but there are a lot of parts where it feels like its overwhelming and just unbearable at times, and a lot of parts that are just so easy. For insistence, the rematches with the ghost robot masters are some of the most difficult levels I have ever faced in Mega Man. On the other hand, Wilyís Castle is perhaps the easiest itís ever been! Not only are the levels short, but they give you so many E tanks to handle any problems you may have. If that wasnít enough, the rematch with the robot masters, Wily , and Wilyís second stage are all separated. The game just makes it so easy at the end that its laughable. The weapons are also rather eh, there really is no broken weapon like in 2 or 10 nor useful like in 9. Although Top manís weapon is pretty awesome, itís so situational and hard to use that it makes the point moot. The music just isnít as catchy as 2ís is either, not by a long shot, and the robot masters just arenít as interesting. But as a whole, a lot of these complaints are nitpicking at issues that could have probably been solved if it was worked on more, which I hear was the case. But for such a ďrushedĒ project it turned out better than most of the stuff that gets produced nowadays.

Mega Man 3 is the odd duck of the Mega Man games; everything it does is so offbeat and different that I suppose thatís where it gets its appeal. Although I havenít fallen in love with it, it certainly is a great game in its own right.

Mega Man 2 Date beat Ė Feb. 24


Saving the best one for last? No, I donít think so. Look Iím sure Iím going to get a lot of flank about this ,but simply put Wily Stage 4 killed this game for me. Honestly it really did, and if it werenít for that stage I'd consider this game to be on par with 9 and 10. So why donít I like Wily Stage 4? Several reasons, one, you are not given a good checkpoint to help fight this boss! In fact the checkpoint is so close to the beginning it ends up hindering you in the long run. The other reasons involves the boss itself, such a horribly, horrible design of a boss. Blubeam trap just sucks ,and the reason why it sucks is because you are not able to damage it unless you have the crash bomb. And for those that don't know, the crash bomb has a very limited amount of weapon energy that makes it very hard to beat this boss in one go. This just makes the boss feel cheap, but it really could have been solved easily. Either A) have the actual boss weak to the buster, like all bosses should, but make it require a lot more shoots or 2) have a grind area for weapon energy. Even then, I think the game would have benefited if this level was just taken out. The level was just designed bad and really is my only problem with this game, SERIOUSLY ITíS THE ONLY PROBLEM!
As for the rest of the game, itís great! I love it, and just about everything about this game can be dealt with as long as you practice ,and/or abuse the amount of invincibility frames you get when damage. Honestly its nuts how many frames you get. Not to mention the other many things you can abuse to help you along your way. I bet you are all saying, ya ya, metal blade is the awesome and the bees knees, but no sir there is a weapon just as great, the quick boomerang! Honestly how many have actually used this weapon effectively enough? Quick Boomerang gives you the largest amount of shots that you can ever use and can effectively replace the mega buster throughout most of the game, its super spamable, releasing 4-5 shots compared to mega busters 3, and 10 shots use up 1 bar of energy! Honestly if the Quick Boomerang were in any another Mega Man game it be compared to the metal blade a lot more. I do admit that it honestly does not hold up as well as the metal blade, but still Quick Boomerang is probably the only robot master weapon that will ever be close to Metal Blade in terms of abuse factor, well except maybe T.blade. Oh my! I havenít even gotten to the greatest part of the game though, the soundtrack! Dear lord, the music in this game defines outright what video game music is about! If the gameplay of Mega Man 2 doesnít win you over, the soundtrack will. Itís just so unbelievably catchy ,and makes it a joy just to replay the stages over again just for the music. Literally the best reason to play MM2 is the soundtrack, itís just that good, but that doesnít mean the game is bad, MM2 is great on its own merit, save for one stage, MM2 is down right fierce!

If Wily Stage 4 didnít exist I think the world would be a better place, not just for Mega Man 2, but the whole world, like "no more wars" types of better. However this is not the case and most certainly ruined my fun with Mega Man 2, but aside from that itís peachy keen! And what really puts Mega Man 2 over the top is the amazing soundtrack it has, with both catchy and fitting music for this game, it defines a genre.

Mega Man X Ė Date beat Feb. 26


I donít understand the love affair with this game. I just couldnít like it as much as others seem to. Itís not a bad game but it most certainly is off putting at times. The fact is that it starts you off at a real big disadvantage is such a turn off to me. Compared to other Mega Man games, youíre at 50% capacity. On top of that if you want to increase your health you have to collect heart containers found on each level, as well as other various power ups to get you into better fighting condition. I wonít lie that I liked this part of the game, finding hearts and items like the rechargeable E tanks and power ups for X is fun, but for a large part of it all, it this only makes the game harder for no real reason. Why canít I just start out with all my health? Why canít I just collect E tanks? Iím sure this is nitpicking to some, but the fact remains that it makes the game too hard in the beginning. Arenít you suppose to not do that? I understand Mega Man games have an inconsistent difficult, but they have always been somewhat equal starting out.
Perhaps thatís my biggest reason for not liking this game as much, struggling so much at the beginning to just defeat a robot master? Sure it always takes a while to defeat robot masters with buster only, but this time it didnít feel fair. And once I started collecting items and power ups the game became far too easy. It went from very hard to very easy, with just a flip of the switch! In fact the only time I had any more difficult times was during Sigmaís first stage, which was easily the hardest stage in the game, taking down Vile, a robot master, and a boss in the same stage is worst enough, but having to do some tricky jumps and platforming with annoying enemies getting in the way was just unbearable! I was quite worried after I finished the first stage only to find out that the rest of the game was a cake walk. Even the last boss, Sigma, wasnít hard simply because I could recharge my E tanks and weaponry before I fought him. Itís not that I want the game to get harder because itís handing me things, but more so I want a consistent slope of difficulty! Another thing that really gets me is the over reliance of charge shots. Nearly everything in this game needs a charge shot, and your pee shooter simply doesnít cut it. Factor this in with wall jumping and you get some really uncomfortable hand position. Despite my whinnying I recognize this game is, for all purposes, a good game. While it does have a few glaring flaws, the fact is, itís very addicting. Collecting items and power ups are fun, and the fact you feel stronger makes the story have such a bigger impact on you. This is in truth a story of how X becomes stronger so I suppose it makes sense, by a story point, of being weak in the beginning. But I really wish it didn't impact difficulty of the game so much.

Conclusion: Mega Man X is a game that misses a few marks but it gets points for bringing something new to a somewhat stale series. While collecting items and power ups are fun, they shouldnít have impacted the beginning difficultly of this game. And if it werenít for the fact difficult is all over the place in this game, I would have like this game more, but that simply wasnít the case.
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