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Return from Hiatus

It's been nearly a year and a half since my last blog post here on Destructoid.

There's been several reasons for that. The first and most prominent being that I just graduated from college and my senior year was full of scheduling, application-filling, term-paper-writing insanity that you all probably don't want to hear about. But in the meantime I had precious little time to play video games, and as a result found myself in a dearth of material to comment on.

Now that I'm out and taking a break to realign my life between school and a real career, hopefully that can change. I've been thinking a lot about new topics to discuss. I'm planning on continuing my Critical Ear series although that seems moot now with the return of The Sound Card, but before work and school caught up with me I was planning on writing about the Nier soundtrack because it's just so awesome. There's a couple other soundtracks and composers I was planning on discussing, so keep watching this space for new updates in the upcoming week or so.

But other than promises of new content in the future, I don't have much to offer you other than an apology to the few people that consistently followed my posts, and to say that this community is awesome and I hope it hasn't changed much (other than for the better!) in the year or so I've been away.
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