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Destructoid forums Werewolf Game 9: a recap (part 1)


Planning Phase 6 - Gold Rush

The BLU team decided to retaliate by delivering an explosive of their own to key RED strongholds. The first would be at Gold Rush. Unfortunately, BLU lacked missiles, so they would go the old fashioned route: strap some bombs to a mine cart and physically push it to where it needs to go.

Mission begins in sixty seconds!

[i]With ZombiePlatypus killed, the BLU team determined that either Tarvu or Bizarro must have been the killer. Each argued that the other was the culprit, but rather than calling for the death of the other, both suggested that the traitor was worth more to the BLU team alive than dead.

Mission begins in ten seconds!

Uneasy about keeping the two together, the BLU team quarantined Bizarro by himself, and kept a close watch on Tarvu...

Mission begins in five, four, three, two, one...

Action Phase 6

Gold Rush was an area similar to Dust Bowl. With three legs of the journey, it only made sense to send each Squad along one leg, delivering the bomb further into the RED base.

Since things had been going so badly for the BLU team, Team Leader usedtabe decided to mix the Squads up. For the first leg, Squad Asshole would push the bomb cart from the BLU base to the first RED stronghold, against heavy opposition. Heavies djnealb and Mr 3man would do a lot of the legwork, staying with the cart at all times, keeping any REDs from getting too near. Scout Artful-dodgeR would be with the Heavies as well; despite his size, he could push a cart twice as quickly as any of the others. Sniper Mighty Hatman would take the high road and perch near a window on the far left of the battlefield, while Engineer Muckfoot would set up a sentry on the far right, overlooking the RED base. Demoman BlackSunEmpire had the task of keeping a few steps ahead of the cart, blowing up any RED mercenaries who would try to stop the bomb from making its way down the track.

The gates opened and a huge force of RED mercenaries bore down on the BLU squad right away. Two RED Heavies met the two BLU Heavies head on, and with a flurry of bullets flying in either direction, it was only the medical supplies kept on the bomb cart that gave djnealb and Mr 3man the upper hand, cutting the two REDs down just moments before the BLUs would have fallen themselves. A third RED Heavy appeared, and just as he was about to open fire on the wounded BLU Heavies, Artful-dodgeR jumped from behind the cart and beaned the RED Heavy over the head with a baseball. Stunned and confused, the third RED Heavy could only look on stupidly while the two BLU Heavies riddled his torso with bullets. As the group pushed forward, BlackSunEmpire rained grenades forward, setting up a minefield that vaporized any REDs who dared cross it. Upon reaching the tunnel that divided the battlefield in two, the cart pushers took a break, while Muckfoot and Mighty Hatman set up to see what was in store in the second area. A couple of RED Engineers had set up a formidable defense of turrets that would stop the cart dead in its tracks. Muckfoot set up a nest of his own, overlooking the battlefield, and his sentry made quick work of a small team of RED Scouts and Pyros running to head off the cart. BlackSunEmpire attempted to destroy the RED sentries from below, out of their sight, but the team of RED Engineers was too diligent with repairs for him to make a dent. From across the way, Mighty Hatman relieved the RED Engineers of their faces, giving BlackSunEmpire the opening he needed to reduce the sentries to scrap. Once that was done, the BLU Squad converged to push the cart to its destination.

The second stage was similar to the first, in that it was divided into two areas separated by a small tunnel. The first area had a short bridge to cross and the second had a defensive structure to breach before moving the bomb to the third stage. Snipers Scroll and usedtabe decided to be the ones to push the cart, taking out enemies from afar in the meanwhile. Medic ClownBaby would aid Demoman Tarvu and Pyro Austin_SJ in scouting ahead and keeping any REDs from closing in on the Snipers.

The siren sounded the beginning of the battle, and there were surprisingly few REDs defending this leg. With no resistance, the forward trio was able to move to the tunnel before meeting any REDs. Meeting may not be the right term, as it was truly a Pyro ambush from behind a low wall. As the RED Pyros moved in to char ClownBaby from behind, two shots were fired from the cart, and the RED bodies hit the dirt before ClownBaby could turn around and realize what had happened. Scroll and usedtabe were accustomed to assassinating two targets simultaneously after all of the missions they had spent at each other's side. Through the tunnel, there were more RED Mercenaries to contend with. A RED Soldier met them at the tunnel exit with a barrage of rockets directed their way. Thinking quickly, Austin_SJ used his air blast to deflect the first few rockets, and then forth reflected straight back, destroying the RED Soldier with his own rocket. Tarvu let loose some explosives of his own, catching an errant RED Medic-Pyro combo in the blast. As they pushed forward, there seemed to be no more REDs to contend with, and just as Austin_SJ and Tarvu were about to let their guards down, ClownBaby caught the glint of light reflecting off glass out of the corner of his eye. Instinctively, he activated his ´┐Żbercharge and switched between his Demoman and Pyro teammates quickly enough to protect them both from the rifle shots that came from a RED Sniper far behind the [color]red]RED[/color] base. Furious that they had almost lost their heads, Austin_SJ and Tarvu charged at the RED Sniper, igniting him just before exploding him into a million tiny pieces. With no more REDs in sight, the Squad pushed the bomb cart to its final leg.

Medic Bizarro was assigned to the last leg of the mission alone, and he cursed Team Leader usedtabe for that. How could he complete the mission alone, armed only with a weak syringe gun and his bonesaw?

When the gates opened, he saw no RED mercenaries at all, and his nervousness waned a bit, but he still remained alert to a trap. Carefully, methodically pushing the bomb cart, he checked his corners and watched his back, snaking through the battlefield until the final destination was in sight. The journey was uneventful, but that was preferable to the alternative, Bizarro thought. With a final push, he nudged the bomb into a pit, then ran for cover as it detonated. The RED asset was destroyed.

Nobody died at Gold Rush.

Read on for Part 2!
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