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The Future is a Hadoukenema

Sony’s potential plan to include compulsory advertising in video games can really mean a lot to the future of gaming. In case you’ve missed the story (which is about as likely as the next GTA’s plot centering on Betty White and her dream of becoming a mercenary stripper), allow me to summarize it in a quick and polarizing manner. Sony took out a patent that would allow them to advertise products in video games. The example most often cited in the press is that of a racing game slowing down at different points and the player seeing a close up of a can of soda or something. The theory is that this will allow advertisers to contribute to the cost of making games which will help studios manufacture games for less. This savings can also benefit gamers in the form of cheaper games. There’s speculation that in the future two versions of a game could be released. An expensive one with no advertising and a cheaper one that will occasionally pause gameplay at times and show commercials just like a television show.

Naturally this idea has been met with a lot of criticism from gamers, most of who feel that the inclusion of ads in games is about as good an idea as having a party and feeding a cow chocolate and vodka, and then telling your friends you’ve got some White Russians on tap. Sure the ingredients make sense in a schizophrenic kind of way, but really we all know it’s just plain crazy. But I’m not here to add to the ire or counterpoint the points made. No I’d rather just explore how far we can take this idea. Seriously people let’s think about this for a minute. Just about any company can advertise so what if in the future we got…

And finally because constipation and Capcom go together.

This is just a small taste of the future. Imagine a mouthful.
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