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EA and Capcom are losing money.. is it enough to make a difference though?

EA and Capcom, and many other companies out there are losing a lot of potential money these days, but is the loss of this potential enough to make a difference to their practices?

Everything below here is stuff that I was definitely going to buy but due to various reasons, am not.

EA - Kingdoms of Amalur - Has an "Online Pass" even though it is a single player game. 7 quests are locked on disc and you need an online key to unlock your offline game. I passed this one up at $59.99.

EA - Mass Effect 3 - Has From Ashes DLC which is free only to those who bought the collectors edition. Pretty much a must have, and lots of evidence points to the fact that this was created with the game and even some parts are on disc. I did not buy this game. $59.99.
- Mass Effect 3 DLC. I would have bought extra DLC for this game. Lets assume on the low end that there would have been 2 add ons at 1200 points each. That is $15 each, so $30 I would have spent (At least) on this, and am not not.

EA - Battlefield 3. I bought battlefield 3, loved this game. Best online multiplayer experience I have ever had in my life. I bought the expansion pack back to karkand for 1200 points ($15). They have announced 3 new add ons coming. Suddenly though, they decide to rent servers to everyone and kill off their official servers, you know, the only ones worth playing. Now I will not be buying those 3 expansions. I don't even play this game anymore, and I used to play it 5 hours a day. 3 Expansion packs x 1200 points = $45

Capcom - Street Fighter X Tekken. I was so hyped for this game when it was first anounced. Right up until release the hype was building. I was short for cash and was going to wait a week to pick this up. Then word comes out that the game has 14 or so characters locked ON DISC. That right there was enough, and I will not buy this game which I had been so hyped for. $59.99

Capcom - Dragon's Dogma. This game looks AMAZING, I am so excited to play it. so excited. I was definately going to buy it as well because I always buy RPG's and this looked so fresh and exciting. I love the fantasy in this game and the monsters are great. I was so excited. Then, while listening to my favorite show in the world "Podtoid", I hear Jim mention how Capcom announced that they are thinking of chancing their policy towards DLC, I was so happy, but then I heard Jim say that they said Dragon's Dogma has disc locked content, so that shattered everything I felt towards Dragons Dogma. This game will not never be played by me. $59.99. I was going to buy DLC for this too, I always do with RPGS. Lets assume 2 add ons again, at 1200 points. $30.

Also, a dishonorable mention goes to Batman Arkham City. Looks great, I loved the first one and was getting ready to love the Arkham City but soon found out that part of the single player campaign was locked out unless you had the online pass. This of course is bullshit because it is a single player game, an online pass should not even be considered. Sure, it was a small part of the game to play as catwoman, but it is still removed, and I would have bought it new, but for basic principal I had to pass this one up too. $59.99

Kalypso - Tropico 4 - I am a huge fan of Tropico games, and have owned them all since the first one including all expansions. I had to pass this one up too because once again, stuff had aparently been ripped from the game to later appear as DLC for sale.. $59.99, and I would have bought some add ons too, lets say 3 for 400 points each. 1200 or $15.

Grand total of what these companies did not get.

EA lost out on $194.98
Capcom lost out on $149.98
Kalypso lost out on $74.99
Batman, whoever the publisher is, lost out on $59.99

Not only that though, but they have put a bad taste in my mouth both towards these companies as well as these games in particular.. I will almost certainly not buy battlefield anything ever again. I am done with capcom fighers forever. Tropico 5 is probably not going to interest me, and Batman Arkahm 3 has no interest whatsoever.. so future sales are also impacted, as well as anyone I tell this stuff to in person. They usually get a bad taste afterwards too..

how long can the game industry keep this up? I am just one guy but in the past few months $479.94 of my cash did not go to these companies.. it went to their competitors.
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