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Secret Moon Base - Ep.017 "Where Are You, Stephen?" featuring falsenipple!


Hey there, Destructoid! We're back from our week off and we have a lovely E3 themed episode cooked up and ready to serve. Our guest this week was the elusive falsenipple who dropped by to share his special brand of trolling with us. He's an alright guy, except for the pee smells.

You can stream the episode from the link below or subscribe to us on iTunes and digest this episode later!

SMB Episode 017 "Where Are You, Stephen?"

0:00:00 - intro >> "Bones McCoy" from the Sword & Sworcery OST
0:04:30 - what Occam has been playing >> custom Prototype 2 torture moves
0:10:00 - absolutely terrible Macho Man impression
0:12:30 - what falsenipple has been playing >> stupid Minecraft duels
0:22:30 - what knutaf has been playing >> mostly just poorly lit ghosts
0:29:30 - what Corduroy has been playing >> the strategy of diving headfirst into gunfire
0:46:30 - Diablo III discussion
0:53:30 - Occam's computer won't run the Secret World beta :(
0:56:30 - this week's topic: E3 2012!
0:57:30 - Corduroy's the only one excite for the Wii U >> "take it to the shitter"
1:08:00 - excitement about Borderlands 2 and the possibility of a 3DS Metroid game
1:18:00 - PC elitists are good at "butthole kissing", according to falsenipple
1:36:30 - are game announcements really "leaked"?
1:40:00 - Corduroy's grandma cried >> of course knutaf makes it sexual
1:41:30 - Tak Fujii is extreeeemely nice >> Mr. Caffeine is kind of a douche
1:53:30 - we create a new drinking game especially for our listeners
1:55:00 - knutaf thinks the Steam Box is definitely a real thing that will be announced.........later
2:00:30 - Carol Burnett fun fact >> subscribe on iTunes

Thanks again to falsenipple for being a wonderful guest and we'll see you all next week!

Like the show but want more? You can ask us questions on Twitter (@theSMBpodcast), send us an email (secretmoonbase_at_gmail_dot_com) or heck, just comment below! Thanks for listening!
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