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Diablo III Auction House


Hardcore Vs. Softcore

The Auction House trade will be limited to within the HC and SC characters. This means that softcore characters cannot use hardcore difficulty auction houses and vice versa. Additionally, hardcore characters can trade only in the auction house that is based on gold.

Functioning & Interface

Diablo 3�s Auction House is quite similar to real-life auction houses. Players are able to bid for a particular item or can even choose to go for a complete buy-out. This mechanism is applicable for transactions based on gold as well as RMT.

Players can call upon the Auction House anytime they want during the game. Besides it can also be accessed in the main menu, Battle.net menu and even the lobby. The various items that have been put up for sale are classified as per their category. The variables within all the items are also accounted for in this listing of items.

In spite of a few controversies, most industry experts see the inclusion of an Auction House as a positive move that will only further cement the popularity of the Diablo franchise.
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