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Games Played This Month April 2012


Every month I keep tabs on what games I played and what I thought about them!�

I forgot to do this, until like the last day of the month. I meant to start doing this before Boston, but I stayed busy all month. Bonerquest is totally happenings, things are moving foreword I really want to have this done and you reading it as soon as possible. It just, takes time, which goes faster than I want it to when I work all night, sleep all day, and keep playing video games like all the time. I also recorded two podcasts this month, you can listen to an early edit of one of them already. When we get that going, hopefully we can do one every week of every two weeks at the least. I'm all over the place, do it can be tough to get everybody together. I'm postin this from my iPod, so no pictures.

Here are the games I played in April!�

Drago Quest 3 - Super Nintendo

I got that English version, that some dudes translated just a few years ago. It is absolutely wonderful. The DS games are a higher resolution imitation of this, these sprites and that classic super Nintendo sounding music are just delightful. Haven't ran into much difficulty either, but we'll see. I really want to finish this up, I played this early this month, soaking about twenty hours into it. Even going so far as to play it while in Boston.

Star Fox - Super Nintendo�

Starfox 64 is one of my favorite games ever. It feels so perfect, for me, that I could play it any time. So much depth and such a silly storyline that barely makes sense, and most importantly, solid gameplay. Barrel rolling laser beams and shooting bombs, blasting big robot blocky bosses, that game had everything.�

I only played Star Fox once.

Once, but for many hours is more apt.�

I rented it one night, after staring at it on my super nintendo box and seeing the tv commercial, �I was fascinated as to what this game would be. I manages to get a boss that killed me just as I figured out how to kill it. The room was rotating around, and I just barely made it to that fight. It was time to return the game and when I went to rent it again, rental place had gotten rid of it.�

Then, as video games became readily available maybe fifteen years later, I just couldn't hang with star fox anymore. Starfox 64 was so dope, and played so much better, I just couldn't do it. The early 3D hurt to look at, instantly stopping me.�

And this month, I finally got over myself and began to enjoy this game. It feels so similar to Starfox 64, but a step behind. The level depth is there, but it isn't the same as 64. I feel like I'm finally ready to enjoy this thing, I barely got a couple levels in, I'm terrible at video games. But every time I played I ended up quitting instead of dying, so that counts for something.�

Mega Man 2 - Regular Nintendo

I live tweeted myself playing this early in the month. Loved that experience, it was dope. People chimed in telling me how to beat Quick Mans level, but I kept fucking up. I always do, always have. I love it though. Such a fun way to play a game.�

Tiny Toon Adventures - Regular Nintendo�

When I was at the panel 1up did at PAX, a dude talked about how great Tiny Toons was. This is an opinion I agree with, having played a lot of it in my youth and enjoying the hell out of it. Playing as a tasmanian devil and the cat that climbs walls and plucky duck is so much fun. I can't figure out why you play as Buster Bunny, at all.�

Castlevania HD - Xbox Live Arcade

I realized I had Friday off I my vacation, I had no plans so like back in the old days of Deatructoid I hosted playing silly old school games. Like two people joined me, Bianca was there and somebody else whose name I forgot. I talked to that guy for two hours, can't remember his name. I'm the worst.�

I want to make this a regular thing. Not Castlevania hd but me hosting Friday nights again, that was a fu thing to do.�

Super Monday Night Combat - steam�

This was at PAX but I lost musical chairs for a chance to play it. As everyone got up, a mad dash happened. Chairs went fast. I wasn't much for the regular monday night game, it wasn't my bag. Still, I'm ready to play anything.�

This is more like defense of the ancients mixed with team fortress style gameplay. I shot robots, I leveled up. Not really my game, but if someone I knew wanted to play, I would.�

I was I'm the beta, but I guess the game actually came out now.

Yakuza : Dead Souls - ps3

As a follow up to Yakuza 4, this is an excellent game. Absolutely brilliant game! The sense of humor that this game has seems never ending. Laughing about off the wall zombie humor is great, especially when the gameplay once again forms a solid foundation for the actual game.�

Adventure Bar Story - iOS�

A delightful RPG for my iPod. I like grinding levels as I work nights, c

Shadow Hearts�

Again, humor is so important for me in everything. It isn't just hilarious. This game brings the heat with a heavy horror influence that is thus far, very consistent. Being set in the 1920s gives it this wild steampunk atmosphere as well. I love that beside the Chinese wizard who shoots fireballs is a blonde spy who calls air strikes on a giant radio. This game is wild, I spent my time over leveling and just sort of playing at the game, as I was deep into Bonerquest work when I was playing. I need to pick up those two sequels.�

Jim shot me a twat saying he was into the game, if that means anything to anybody. I got my copy for like twenty bucks, maybe two or three years ago? I feel like that was fair for this little hidden gem of a game.

Onimusha 2 - Playstation 2

Fantastic! Samurai beat Em up survival horror, I'm in!

Walking Dead Demo - PS3

Similar gameplay as Heavy Rain, except instead of stealing plot elements from movies like Saw and Seven, it's all homaging zombie flicks. Loved the demo, but I will not buy the game until every episode is out. Same way I read walking dead, living issue to issue kills me, I usually take a year off and anxiously await the next dozen comics.�

As a piece of a part of a full product, I enjoyed this enough to want it. Like now, I really want to play this thing in full.

Dragons Dogma demo PS3�

I love dark souls, and this is Capcom attempting to do that. �It doesn't seem to work the same, the first section of game I was using some character the game made and my team of dudes were fighting goblins and then a chimera, where I could climb it's back and hack off the snake tail. Love that.�

Designing my own monstrous looking character is always fun. I had an Afro and a build like Dolph Lundgren. My partner I designed, was a giant transvestite. Literally a god damn giant, with a sour dwarf face, and pretty blonde pigtails. The game let me make that, and then use that to fight a gryphon.�

It wasn't until I was thrown by that sexually confused man threw me into the air, where my black Dolph Lungren grasped this thing and stabbed the shit out of it with knives. I had a bow when it threw me to the ground and started leglolesing this mother. Then night fell, shit got real

And by real, I mean real dark.

Pitch black, except for my lantern. The gryphon was nearly dead and still pissed off. The wizard with me had spells that lit up as his fireballs went through the night. Holy smokes, this game.

I'm ready to rent this thing.

Steel Battalion - Kinect�

So at PAX was this thing, I played at the end of the day with an angry lady guiding me, or attempting to guide me. After I died four times, I felt like I had my fill and that somebody else should get a turn, so I bailed.�

But the twenty minutes I played was do, �m m GNP�

Penny Arcade RPG 3 -�

Lots of mimes! So many mimes of every variety, even a octopus monster was a mime. The game was a bit slow, but it felt enough like final fantasy 3 that I would play this. I'm no fan of penny arcade, but the guys making this did Cthulhu saves the world. With such a fun pedigree, this should turn out ok.�

Gaucamelee - using 360 controller

Tony Ponce told me this was worth playing, and I sort of agree. Its a metroidvania style game, with Mexican luchadore wrestlers and a day of the dead light and dark world mechanic, which was interesting. It felt a little floaty to me, but it seemed well enough for a downloadable title on steam or xbla or PSN. Thing is, I just couldn't enjoy it at the show. I felt pressured to play quickly, and after a brief play through, I was done with it. These dudes did a couple of blob game for Sony consoles, so if I was a betting man, I'd imagine this stuff would be on those consoles, vita or ps3.�

Secret of Mana - Super Nintendo

I haven't played this since I was twelve. I barely played it then, I know I was about twelve because this was over ten years ago. My guy was named Snake, which is silly. But I did it like ten years ago.�

I started over, �not realizing I was at the very start as snake. I played passed the part with the water temple, and into a big town, but after wandering trying to find where I needed to go, I quit again. Maybe forever this time. I just, I don't know. I like the game, but I just don't love it.�

Sieken Denestsu 3 - alias �Secret of Mana 2 - Super Nintendo

I've started this about four times, it feels like it has influence from the SaGa games, in that it has multiple characters to choose from and to choose your eventual team mates, meaning a lot of variety.�

First I picked a warrior, whose story started me in an arena battle which was interesting, but I quit that out.

I picked a werewolf, by accident, and his story of turning feral and killing someone close to him, actually emotionally gripping within five minutes. That is hard to do, as a writer I respect that.�

His personal conflict escalates out into a disagreement with his fathers politics, as he wants to ethnically cleanse out all the regular humans. Yes, this story goes there within an hour.

Within a couple hours, I met a ninja, who described his struggle to me, however it all went so fast I missed most of it. He seemed to want to team up with me, but unfortunately I had to go somewhere while this was happening, which was a bummer. My save was right before I met the ninja, I hope, and I feel like that this is a game worth playing.�

I had a moment where I was impressed by the graphics. Mode 7 hit me bouncing in the air off a toadstool spring thing, it showed the world map, which seemed pretty large.�

I feel awful that this was never officially translated to English, but some great dudes who were just fans of square and Japanese games translated this thing, so we might as well enjoy all their hard work.�

Sniper V2 Demo - PS3

As expected, this game is pretty �awesome. Sniping nazis is great, but having the camera follow your bullet into an X-ray of s nazi whose eyeball bursts and his skull blasts apart, that is the next level. I love that, so much. The stealth doesn't seem to work in this game, despite seeming to want me to be stealthy, I played it as maniac killing dudes in the open, loved it. Can't wait to play a full version of this. �

I probably played some other things, but I can't do anymore typing on this thing. I think this hits everything, I will try harder next month to keep tabs and stay �up on my writing. Trying to get a first draft of Bonerquest finished is proving all consuming, but incredible.�

That's it.�[b]
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