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Collaboration: An Unbeatable Tag-Team


- Let the player make their own tag. Choose the text, background, image, ect. I'd dig it.

Combine that with some of that good external scripting you see with Xbox live gamertags and games like BF3 and CoD that would let you share that customized plate and some relevant stats about your play as a message board signature and you have yourself a winner.

Capcom makes fantastic fighting games. There is no reason for such great games to have multiplayer that languishes so far behind the times. I know this is just my pie-in-the-sky dream idea for a silly wish-list blog, but the more I think about it the more I want to see it actually happen. The folks at Capcom are professionals when it comes to putting together a top-notch fighting game. Bungie knows exactly what it takes to make a premium online experience. If you put them together you'd have an unbeatable tag-team.
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