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Yoshi's Story: The Unwritten Sequel

This past week I picked up a copy of Yoshi's Story at a local used game retailer. I have owned a Nintendo 64 for years, but I unfortunately have never owned a copy of Yoshi's Story. I have played it many times, and I have fond memories of the game. As I begin to play through the chapters of Yoshi's Story, I notice aspects of the game I had not previously been aware of while playing it in years past. The first thing I noticed was graphical; this game has aged well for a Nintendo 64 game. The graphics are smooth and sharp, and animations on most stages are lag free. I was impressed. The environments are rich with color and pleasing to the eye; everything looks quite nice. Besides commending Yoshi's Story's visuals, I would like to say that this game is purely enjoyable. It is a feel good game, one of happiest games I have ever played. Who could be angry while playing this game, besides when you get carried away to a dark tower by a weird creature wearing goggles and sporting a propeller? Hearts, fruits, singing Yoshi, great gameplay, and good graphics. Is there anything else to ask for? Well, I suppose I do have something to ask, besides why the game is so short. Why did we never see a direct sequel to Yoshi's Story? Yes, I realize that other Yoshi-oriented games have since been released, and yes, I realize this game is not a masterpiece. But, this game is good, and I believe it is deserving of a sequel. I could easily imagine a Yoshi's Story sequel for Wii. I wonder why this has never happened. Unfortunately, we will never probably have the opportunity to crack open a new installment Yoshi's Story. But until then, Yoshi's Story fans, including myself, will continue to reread a great story in the Nintendo 64 library.
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