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It's Been a While: 10 Things About Arch649

It's been slightly over a year since my last C-blog and I'd like to get back into the community in some way. I've been really busy with work, among other stuff. I saw a few folks post these "10 things about [insert name here]" blog about a month ago. I'm sure that was something going on for a brief period but fuck it, I'm gonna post one about myself. Since I haven't been here in a while, I thought it would be appropriate, if a bit late to the party.

1: I do web design and internet marketing for a living.

I do web designer and internet marketing for a living. I'm usually knee-deep in some markup or server-side scripts on any given day. And I love my job. I enjoy (no really) the programming part, and before I get burnt out on that, I can do graphic design to flex my creative side. I blog about web design related stuff (on www.archiemisc.com of course) periodically and keep up on all the latest Google related news.

2: I'm an anarchist.

Okay, maybe not in the strictest sense, I won't blow up anything, but I am very anti-government and anti-politics. The more regulation our government tried to push, the worse off we get, FDA, TSA, Prop 8, SOPA, ok maybe not that last one, but it was fairly close. Politics to me are an absolute waste of time and do nothing but pay lip service to special interests of those campaigning. Politics will tear family and friends apart, and destroy businesses since politics tends to get in the way of productivity.

3: I have major social anxiety issues.

I'm actually kind of terrified of people. I'm not the best speaker, so talking on the phone is really nerve-wracking for me. I'm very quiet in social situations, since I don't think I'll have anything worth-while to contribute. Overall I freak when trying to reach out to people, too many things go through my head and I constantly doubt myself over stuff. Hell, even writing this is kind of scary to me.

I've always been very insecure, all my life. I was bullied in school and at home. So maybe that's where it stems from, but I've been going to a therapist for this kind of thing for only a few months. And I've learned a thing or two.

4: I have a degree in Theatre Arts.

And it was a huge waste of time. I will not be using it for any reason than for it to be a cautionary tale for those who are considering pursuing one. Please don't. I was kinda interested in it, I thought it could help me get over my anxiety problems. But think it may have been the buckets of alcohol during the after parties that helped me more with that. It was fun for a while, and I shouldn't even say it was a complete waste of time, I did meet my future wife there (We're living together right now and be married next April) and I've got my share of stories, but only as an excuse to party, not an actual career goal.

5: I was in a Ramones cover band called Chainsaw.

It was only for a few gigs. I took the role of DeeDee (the bassist) and it was a blast. We probably wouldn't have gotten anywhere if we were to pursue it seriously since none of us were that great. But we had a lot of fun while it lasted.

6: I was a Nintendo fanboy during the N64 period.

And it was frustrating to say the least. I had a lot of cool games, but a lot of my friends had Playstations and I wouldn't ever have been able to have any of those games until my brother bought one . . . in 2000.

7: I once got a bloody nose from thinking too hard.

I was in 10th grade. I was cramming for both a biology and world history mid-term. After studying for a few hours straight, my nose started feeling runny. I just wiped it on my shirt only to realize that it was blood, and my nose was raging. I was the very first spontaneous bloody nose I ever had. It was also the only time I ever studied so rigorously. I'm still convinced the two are related.

8: I am a type 1 diabetic.

I've been one since I was 13 (I'm 26 as of this writing). It was an incredibly awkward time for me, which may have had some influence on my anxiety issues. Having my family watch over me and try to "support" me constantly, all the while going through puberty was a terrible experience. I've been more open to talk about it recently, but only if someone asks about it.

9: I've lived in Southern California my whole life.

And not even the interesting part of SoCal. So no, I don't know any movie stars. I reside in the Inland Empire. San Bernardino County to be a little more precise. It's the largest county geographically in the US, too bad about 70% of it is desert.

10: I'm not interesting enough to have a real 10th entry.

Seriously, I can't think of anything else to write about. So there's 9 things about me that you may not have known about before plus 1 conclusion.
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