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Because (PHOTO)JOURNALISM: Rock Bottom @ PAX Prime 2011


If you look up expedient in the dictionary, you probably wouldn't find my picture next to the definition. But better late then never, and Destructoid has already tolerated a few hundred pictures from me, so what's another dozen? Just in time for the end of PAX East 12, here are some pictures from the Destructoid meeting at Rock Bottom after the final night of PAX Prime 2011. If you were there, you might have seen me. I was the awkward guy wandering around, taking pictures with a strange camera, which produced the pictures below. I usually wimp out and leave early at these community meetups, but for some reason the last event at Rock Bottom is always awesome. Thanks for the good times!

Now I didn't meet too many people, because I'm pretty shy. And I'm terrible with names, because, well my memory is shitty. And I was drunk. What I'm trying to say is that I know who this is, but I don't know who this is. Starkey, I think? Maybe? Regardless, he was pretty cool. I mean, he must've been because I gave him my hat.

Also, I think he likes hats.

Dexter345 and Ali D (I think?). Fun Fact: The colors of the eyes and the green on the Destructoid shirt both of them are wearing are exactly reversed on the negative. Whoever made those shirts knows their color theory.

Here's another one of them, but I think I like this one better.

(No offense, Dexter)

Some hooligan rocking the Mr. Destructoid helmet, and also my finger.

A quiet conversation between people I don't know.

I was just drinking beer, but I kinda wish I had gotten one of those.

I didn't have the pleasure of meeting this gentleman, but one thing is certain: he is one dapper motherfucker.

El Jeffe and The Shark. Niero approached and complimented my camera. He then asked to take my picture and I happily obliged. I wasn't sure what to do, so I took his picture while he was taking mine. Hamza jumped in with a photobomb, which I didn't even notice until I looked at the negative. It was a few minutes before I stopped laughing.

That's Juan Carlos (maybe?) in the center there. I spent several hours around him over the weekend, but said barely anything to him, because I am socially retarded.

Powerglove in the center of some people I didn't meet/can't remember their name. I ended up sharing a room with him, and then felt bad because I forgot to tell him that I was staying at a shitty hotel. Sorry dude :( Thanks for dealing with my lame attempts at socializing all weekend.

I'll end with a scattering group shot, since I already used the last picture of the night at the top of the post. Thanks for everyone that took the time to talk to me. It was a blast, and I can't wait to be nervous around you guys again in August!
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