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Dtoid Midwest: NARP 2012 Crunch Time!


Something something something, racism. Also, cocks.

Hey hey hey! The 3rd Midwest NARP is just two months away! It's time for me to kick the planning into overdrive and get things rolling. I'm still planning on lazer tag, but I want to get a better idea of how many people are coming before I call the place for pricing. To that end, here is the current confirmed list.

Mr. Gobbldigook
Sir Legendhead
Diverse (Is he known by this at all anymore?)
NihonTiger (aka Brian Szabelski Tomopop Editor-in-Chief)

As far as traveling goes, I mentioned the Cleveland airport in previous updates. If you haven't already booked a flight, DO NOT book into cleveland. I misjudged the distance, and as I found out through my flight to PAX, a round trip to the airport takes almost five hours, whereas to Detroit and back is under two. If you've already booked into Cleveland I'll bite the bullet and deal with it, but if you have yet to buy a flight, go to Detroit or Toledo.

I'm still working on ideas for the Destructathon, and I think a couple of the rounds will be even more outlandish than last year, including the finale, which I am going to have to build. Yeah, build.

So looking for images of "fucking awesome building shit" led to some pretty horrifying shit, including a ton of gay sex and a skinned goats head in a bucket. Instead, a rainbow.

Fact rundown:
3rd Destructoid Midwest NARP
Location: Toledo, OH
Dates: June 22nd - 24th
Airports: Toledo (TOL) or Detroit (DTW)

Sleeping room is entirely floor space, so bring a sleeping bag and pillow. If we get too crowded we will have to do tents, or if that isn't your thing there's several hotels within 5 minutes. We aren't there yet though, so I'll hold off on information overload.

As always, here's the Dtoid midwest forum thread, the forum thread for this event, the facebook group, and the Google group.

Feel free to hit me up with any questions or comments! Email me at jonbloodsprayatgmaildotcom, leave comments below, or in any of the places linked above. Hope to hear from you soon, and can't wait til June!

Random picture:

I was surprised by how much I thought that could be me, aside from that I would never wear those shoes.
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