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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: Psn users want it on Playstation store!

While you might have notice San Andreas came out on XBL. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas camed out both for the ps2 xbox and pc, but why did they only brought it to XBL? Was it just because it was incredibly fun? In other news I think Rockstar are giving us GTA games for us to download but available only for 1 system each. Grand Theft Auto IV becamed available to download on Playstation store. And GTA III becamed available to download only on the IPhone or any I related systems such as the IPod and the IPad. But on the psn forums on the Psn GTA forums many people made threads of them begging for Rockstar to bring San Andreas to Psn. Someday someone will call Rockstar to bring San Andreas to Psn. I would definitely download GTA San Andreas off Psn if it does come out. They also announced a trailer for GTA V meaning that we will see a 5th GTA game. Hope someday it will come out on Psn Store.
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