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Is it safe to break out Kuribo's Shoe again?

So we heard earlier today that Miyamoto was, rather than head up remake projects himself, looking to perhaps pick up where the likes of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past left off - meaning a new Zelda or a game like it following the design principles of LTTP.

Now its been uncovered that Nintendo has registered a "Super Mario 4" domain and at a recent investors meeting it was said a new 2D Mario game was in the works.and slated for April 2013. Now, its not surprising Nintendo would have more Mario games in the works, but a Super Mario Bros. 4 does seem to fall in line with with Miyamoto's been talking up of late.

Why remake or 3D-ify Super Mario Bros. 3 when you can just make Super Mario Bros. 4 and build on that? With the success of New Super Mario Bros. Wii and DS, its pretty clear 2D Mario can still sell incredibly well, but NSMB didn't really take it to the next level for older Mario fans. It certainly stumped some kids for a bit but now that everyone's familiar with 2D Mario again, this could be a chance to build on the classics and that new following.

At points, SMB3 did also take advantage of the foreground and background, if only for accessing secret areas by ducking on white blocks and finding treasure chests with magic flutes in them.

Additionally, Super Mario 3D Land comes out and brings back the Tanooki Suit and makes a tribute to the Hammer Bros. Suit by way of tbe Boomerang Bros. Suit. Nintendo is again goading old fans with this stuff and charming a new audience with them.

So is it time for Super Mario Bros. 4?

Hell yes, but I'd like a few things this time:

We obviously need Princess and Toad back in playable form. Its been too long since Peach didn't get kidnapped. I like Buckenberry and Ali-Gold, but if we're building on SMB3, let's toss a little SMB2 USA in there. And let's invite Yoshi, too. No reason not to at this point.

But if we're going to do SMB4 right, I think we need it in 8-bit or 16-bit at least. I know I'm just wishlisting now, but spirte based 3D games can be just as charming, I know I love my Mighty Switch Force and Mutant Mudds that way. If anyone can still get away with going 2D and 8-Bit again, its certainly Mario given families still turn over Gamestops every weekend looking for a copy of NSMB Wii.

Anyway, I also want Kuribo's Shoe back in, if you can tell. I don't need the Frog Suit and Hammer Bros Suit is kinda still old hat, but I like that shoe, it was fun even if it smelled of fungus.

Bring it. I think we're ready for this.
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