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The Man, The Myth, The Nasty: 10 Things About JuiceMcNasty

10. I once pissed in a Burlington Coat Factory dressing room

I remember when I was 9 years old after having a delicious lunch with my family at The Islands Restaurant we went to a nearby Burlington Coat Factory. Before leaving the restaurant my mother warned me to use the restroom because we would not be home for awhile. Being the stubborn little shit I was I refused because "I didn't have to go then!" -- That and having the confidence that I would be able to go at the Burlington Coat Factory.

How wrong I was...

I walked up to a nearby employee and asked where I could find their restroom to which she snapped:

"Employees only"


"Not my problem"

Needless to say at this moment JuiceMcNasty was born as I made the decision that separates the men from the boys. Piss myself or make it her problem by relieving myself in the Burlington Coat Factory dressing room. To avoid the anger of my mother and an endless barrage of "I told you so", I can truthfully say that was the most enjoyable piss I have ever taken.

9. I have only finished 3 games start to finish in the last year

Despite gaming an average of 30+ hours a week, and knowing my own tastes so well that I very rarely buy a game that I personally find atrocious. I have only completed 3 games start to finish in the last year, and no I am not talking about 100% completion, I mean basic story mode.

I have ADGD.. Attention Deficit Gaming Disorder..

Growing up I never had much of my own cash, so my game purchases were rather few and far between. As an adult I have been stuck in the habit of purchasing games that I always wanted to play as a teenager but could not afford. The worst part is I have a hard time focusing in on playing just one game at a time, I want to play them all at once!

Then when you factor in Steam sales, new releases, and the fact that I play WoW you get quite the stockpile of games, and suddenly 30 hours becomes rather minuscule...

8. I want to live well into my 70's so I can do drugs

In high school I did my fair share of drinking, but never really got into experimenting with drugs. It was not necessarily a lack of curiosity that held me back, but rather a fear of my parents´┐Ż drug testing me due to my irregular sleeping habits and slipping grades.

So naturally I decided it is never too late to try drugs! -- though just not now..

Instead I will wait until I am old, decrepit, and have no one counting or relying on me and try a veritable buffet of drugs. Acid, Ecstasy, Cocaine, PCP, nothing is off limits to this old man!

7. I am currently working on a gaming web show that I hope to premiere in May!

While I don't want to give out any details until I know 100% all of the details behind this show, I am working on a video game show. What I can say is it will involve booze, games, and a lot of foul mouthed people I am sometimes ashamed to call my friends.

6. I am 23 years old and just barely decided what I want to be when I grow up.

After going through a slew of possible career choices ranging from musician, firefighter, and a few other more embarrassing idea that I won't even touch upon. I finally decided I want to be a chef, it was something that was so simple and in plain sight all of these years I just didn't bother to acknowledge it.

The truth is as far as I can remember back I would sit in the kitchen and watch my mom or nana cook. I was always so interested in experimenting with new flavors to create something new and unique. The idea, science, and art behind cooking is something that has always baffled me. The difference between mediocrity and greatness can be something as simple as a pinch of salt.

5. I one day hope to merge my passion of gaming and cooking together!

While I am unsure of the medium that I will choose to accomplish this sort of thing I am very interested in making something along these lines a reality. Whether it be a restaurant, a cooking show, or a book I am still undecided.

Aiming high; I would love to own a gamer friendly restaurant with theme dishes, served on old table top arcade cabinets.

This is like porn for my soul

1. I don't have the best voice, but that doesn't stop me from singing!

I have always loved playing guitar, and in high school wanted nothing more than to be a rock star. As I got older I focused more on singing as it was something that I found to be insanely fun -- even if I wasn't the greatest. For the longest time I was too scared to ever sing in front of anyone, slowly over the years I became more comfortable with singing to close friends.

This is the first time I have ever posted something like this in a completely public place, and I am okay with it. Only took 10 years to stop being a pussy,
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