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Ten Things I Hate (Or Don't) About Me!

Time to jump on the bandwagon! Figured I might as well do this, so here we go!

10. The first time I played Half-Life, I hated it.
For those of you who know me even a little, you already know that Valve is my favorite game developer ever. I own every one of their games, and will continue to buy them all until the time comes where they go on a suck streak, like Sonic. But back in the day, my friends tried to get me to play Half-Life. But there was one problem: I couldnít play it. I had never played an FPS with the WASD control scheme before, so I just didnít get it. I played about two minutes and went ďThis sucks.Ē It wasnít until we played a ton of Half-Life Deathmatch and Counter-Strike in my networking class Junior year when I fell in love with my second favorite game of all time. Number one being Half-Life 2.

9. I used to be suicidal.
This was actually only about five or so years ago. I went through my first big relationship. I took the endÖ okay. But when I was trying to move on, I went on a streak of rejection. This only made unhealed wounds open even more. I was cutting myself, and one night I was ready to try and end everything. But then I turned on Famous Last Words by My Chemical Romance, and it made me realize how fucking stupid that was. Since then, Iíve taken the pain from back then and turned myself into the awesome person I am now! But, since I mentioned MCRÖ

8. My Chemical Romance is my favorite band.

People who know this about me like to make fun of me for it sometimes. But I donít care. I got in to MCR back when I was depressed all the time. The common misconception about MCR is that theyíre an Emo band. But in actuality, theyíre anti-emo. The lyrics for their music are actually motivational, and talk about how you can never give up. In fact, the song I mentioned above, part of the chorus of Famous Last Words is ďI am not afraid to keep on living. I am not afraid to walk this world alone.Ē Whenever I feel down, I just remind myself of that song and it makes me feel much better. On top of that, their newest album is the farthest MCR has been from Emo in their whole discography.

7. I donít normally watch TV.
I often see people talk about the new TV shows. Iím also asked often if I watch certain shows (my mom keeps asking me if I watch The Big Bang Theory. ďFUCK NO,Ē I keep saying). But over the past several years, I havenít really gone out of the way to watch TV. Thereís a few exceptions, like new The Venture Brothers, and Lost. But most of the TV watching I do is either on Netflix or downloading on the internet. In fact, the TV in my room is stuck on Cartoon Network, because I canít find the remote to my cable box. And I donít care.

6. My day job is retail tech support.
For forty hours a week, I work as in-store customer tech support for a Fortune 500 company (Iím not going to name them, but Iíll give you a hint: Theyíre named after an office supply that attaches pieces of paper together.). I fix computers for my customers. I donít think Iím the best at fixing PCís, but I do know quite a bit. Overall, I like my job. But at the same time, I FUCKING HATE MY JOB. Itís a mixed bag, really. But, thatís what I do, and someday Iím going to take this skill further and get a better job with it.

5. I pissed on my roommateís bedroom door once.
Normally, when Iíve had too much to drink, my body pulls a defensive maneuver where I just go to bed. But one time, I didnít do this. I had two Four Lokos, and an unknown amount of beers (I browned out at that time). Next thing I know, Iím waking up in bed. One of my friends saw me, and came in and asked me how I was doing. Next was ďYou know you peed on Garyís door, right?Ē ďYouíre full of shit! No way!Ē Way, it seems. That night, I thought his bedroom door was the toilet. And I tried flushing a Cowboy Bebop wall scroll on the wall. Ha! Speaking of drinkingÖ

4. I just chugged a beer while peeing.
This goes out to my Dtoid bro vApathyv. Back when I hosted 360 FNF often, he and I played together a lot. We also drank over the internet a lot too. And whenever heíd say he was going away to pee, I told him to chug a beer. And he would. And because of this, he named the maneuver ďThe SwishieeĒ. So yeah. I just performed The Swishiee.

3. I didnít like Max Scoville when he first joined the Dtoid Show.

The Destructoid Show was pretty much what got me visiting Dtoid on a daily basis. Iíve been watching from the beginning. But back when they did that GOTY episode over a year ago, they announced Max as Taraís new co-host, I was sad. And the first few episodes he was in, I didnít like him. I donít know why. Maybe it was because he was different from Holmes. I donít know. But, he grew on me over time. And today weíre friends. Hooray for friendship!

2. I still know the Blood Code for Mortal Kombat on Genesis by heart.
A B A C A B B. I entered this code at my friendís house so much.

1. I love all of you!

Not to steal this from ChillyBilly, but Iím totally stealing this from ChillyBilly. Over a year ago, I barely knew anyone from Dtoid. But today, I know quite a few of you. When I was at PAX, I got in a few arguments with a friend I went with. And one of them was about Dtoid. But the thing is, he saw Dtoid as just a website. But Destructoid is way more than just a website to me. Itís home. In fact, Destructoid is like a second family to me. Iíve never been proud to be part of a community. You guys rule!
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