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My Heart Belongs to Rapture

Don’t get me wrong - I am very excited about Bioshock Infinite. The first time I saw the 15-odd min scripted demo video, it blew my lady-balls off. But Bioshock (the original) was my first true love on the Xbox. And the thing about first loves; you always remember them.

The first time I put the disc in, I wasn’t aware of what to expect. Swimming from the flaming wreckage of a plane towards a lighthouse; the descent to the bathysphere and the ride to the heart of the city; are moments I will never forget - they haunted and inspired me, and truly drew me in. Arriving in Rapture, and the first sighting of a Splicer made me think “what have I walked into… I love this!!!”

For even though the city of no Gods or kings, only man, had ripped itself apart, leaving only the psychotic icons of each separate undersea dome; each area is alive and bustling with atmosphere, lost decadence and the stories of those of lost lives or sanity. My favourite being Fort Frolic and the marvellous Sander Cohen.

Put it down to the high school drama lessons, or my love of over-the-top, insane eccentrics - but Sander Cohen is my kinda NPC. When you first enter Fort Frolic, all you have to do is walk to the bathysphere point on the other side of the room, open the door, and go down to the port. And then the fun begins. Sander and his witty humour and love of bunnies (which I totally relate with) guides you into the heart of the creative hotspot of Rapture. Fleet Hall, Sanders second home and stage to the gorgeous “Cohen’s Masterpiece (Prelude)”, show you what kind of guy he is - all wires-crossed, artistic-mayhem and lethal to aid the vision. It took a long time for me to gather the determination to kill him.

Bioshock is the first game I ever played that didn’t suddenly go CUTSCENE mid gun-fight or even just for the sake of it. It was all (except for 2 places, but in all fairness, you’ve been knocked down at these points) in-game, cut-scene-less and like the world you’d stumbled into was going on around you. This method keeps you on your toes, and the second your attention lapses, you jump by Ryan booming over the intercoms or walking in on a ghost memory (the first time that happens in the bathroom in Neptune’s Bounty, I freaked so much I wouldn’t leave that area for a good 10 mins… I was freaked and confused! I scare surprisingly easy. You should see me playing F.E.A.R… or Dead Space… Or even Viva Pińata.)

So yeah, my inspiration for this was Klarden’s piece “Bioshock is an OK FPS”. And I really agree with him. From an FPS point of view, it’s ok. It works. It’s good. But as a story-telling game experience, it excels (baring in mind this is my personal opinion.). Plus, regarding one part of the infamous twist, what other game makes you rethink how you act in video games over 3 little words? It really made me think about who is really controlling my character and actions in games. Since then I also use that phrase frequently in emails at work as well …

So Bioshock Infinite is set for October at the present moment, and I really can’t wait. The footage and screenshots so far have my apatite more than wet; in fact I’m salivating in anticipation for it! I really wanna do a piece on it, but that’s gonna take a while for me to get calm enough to write it and the words make sense (or as much as they normally do when I get going.) Either that, or I’m gonna sleep till October and wake up with it ready for me…

Take care kiddies. Rise Rapture, Rise…
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