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Tales in New Eden: Cutting my teeth in PvP

Back again from the world of Eve Online. But the corp has been organising who wants to do what to try and get us organised into groups and I have opted for PvP. Because seeing ships fight and die is great! With this, we had started performing PvP roams to learn the ropes and to try and get some kills under the corp banner.

So we did our first roam in destroyers. It was more of a training exercise really. I took my Cormorant, a Caldari destroyer that seems to be good with Hybrid Railguns. I also fitted it with some shield tanking along with a rocket launcher and auto-cannon to protect myself even better at close range if there's anything giving me grief. Once we all showed up and I accidentally locked a teammate as a target. We were told the rules and how things work. So we set off for low-sec with aims to screw over some lone pilot in the badlands.
We followed orders to a decent degree. We had a guy trying to catch up nearly bring the enemy to us. But luckily we got away and finally we reached 0.0 space.
Iíve been to low-sec before when I joined a pirate gang for a short while before getting Eve out of my system but I learnt that low-sec isnít much different to high-sec in terms of how the world works. But 0.0 had things Iíve never seen before like warp bubbles. A member of the fleet was explaining what these were to us but as he was doing so. A cruiser showed up. Launched drones and commenced blasting at us. The good news I was far away. The bad news was his ship was moving further away from the rest of us and manage to wipe 2 of us out. So we made a hasty retreat back into high-sec and called it a night.

Earlier this week. We set off for another excursion in larger ships. Cruisers and Battleships. This trip was a little more ill-fated. We were taking the same route back into 0.0 as we did before but this time we were spotted by an enemy ship. Our scout went on ahead to check out the next warpgate and things were bad. There was a gate camp out for us. We made a break for it and we starting jumping to planets to give ourselves some room. We were being followed, we saw more people were piling in. Soon enough a few enemy ships warped not far from us and managed to warp scramble both myself and another pilot. We were stuck to just fight and survive. I panicked and fired at my aggressor with all I had and turn on my defenses. It was no good. My weapons were shit compared to his shields and soon enough more and more poured in. We were done for and soon enough my ship had blown up.
We ran back with our tails in our legs again but we came back for more. I had to go to a smaller ship. We went back another way and this was a bigger success. We reached 0.0 and went deeper within. Problem was that we hit a warpgate and our scout managed to warp into a gate camp and got destroyed. We were trying to figure out what to do when another ship warped to the gate. He took one glance at us and went straight into the fight. Tanking up and taking out another one of us. We could do nothing to hurt him. We ran, he mocked us. We just ran back again and gave up.

One day, our corp will manage a kill. But the last few weeks were not that day. Maybe Iíll do the next roam in a frigate. It will certainly be a cheaper night out.
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