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Dark Souls For PC! Castlevania Mod Request!


(Note:These are just suggestions for anyone who actuallly decides to go through with it, this is just an idea to work off)
-The Belmont Clan
-Order of Ecclesia
-Brotherhood of Light

I do think making the "Belmont Clan" into a covenant would be awesome. The person you speak with to join the covenant should be Simon Belmont, an just for joining you get "Simon's gear" (A headband would be replaced for a helmet). After leveling up once for the coventant, you'll recieve the "Vampire Killer" whip, level up again & learn Martial Arts.(I understand that in "Dark Souls" there isn't any martial arts moves, but if it's modded, there could be).
Also to add difficulty, if you join this clan, you will be cursed (half health until you defeat Dracula). Not sure what to do with the other covenants.

*Playable characters I would like to see would be fan favorites such as:
-Simon Belmont
-Soma Cruz
-Richter Belmont
-Nathan Graves
-Maria Renard
-Charlotte Aulin
-Jonathan Morris

Each character would serve as a different class.
-The "Hunter" class would be replaced with Richter or Jonathan (start off with the leather whip which can be upgraded to the morning star for more damage and extra length.)
-The "Wanderer" class would be replaced with Alucard. (start with Alucard sword & shield)
-The "Sorcerer", "Cleric", & "Pyromancer" class would be replaced with Maria, Charlotte, & Shanoa.(each start off with their very own spells and miracles)

*(just a name change)
-Black Firebombs replaced with Holy Water
-Firebombs would remain as such
-Dung Pie replaced by Bible
-*Estlus Flask replaced with Potion (can be upgraded to Super Potion)
-*Purging Stone replaced with Uncurse Potion
-*Blooming Purple Moss Clump replaced with Anti-Venom

*(just a name change)
-Holy sword would work as a divine weapon (when +10 of a standard sword)
-*Balmung would replace the "Drake Sword"
-*Knuckle Dusters replace Caestus
-Valmanway & Muramasa should be added or replaced
Seeing that both games carry the same amount & type of weapons. Most of the changes will simple only be name changes

-Miser Ring (boosts attack damage depending on certain amount of humanity)

-Playing co-op would allow for you and friend to perform Dual Crushes. But would vary between what character/classes you are and which ones would be in the game.(Anyone familiar with "Castlevania: Harmony of Despair" knows what I'm talking about.)

I'd also like to see the enviroments of certain areas given that Castlevania feel. Especially the different parts of the castles! To do that, some if not most enemies will have to be recreated. Even the bosses (as epic as they are) are going to have be switched out with actual bosses from Castlevania and the selection of music is what will pull the whole thing together.

Thanks for reading, and If you have any ideas feel free to comment below. Spread the word and maybe a group might decide to try and pull this off. If so, I may need to get me a gaming pc!
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