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Lollipop Chainsaw - Oh Lolly Lolly Lolly Lollipop *pop*

I am so excited for this game!!! Itís just perfection! It ticks 3 huge boxes for me;

1. Itís made by Grasshopper Manufacture (the minds behind Shadows of the Damned - a personal favourite.)
2. It has zombies. I love zombies!
And 3. As a teenage girl, anything thatís sparkly and shiny and peppy just lures me right in!

So Lollipop Chainsaw - itís about Juliet Starling, a cheerleader at San Romero High, who happens to know a bit about zombie hunting. Teamed up with her boyfriend Nickís decapitated, yet animated, head on her skirt, itís her duty to rid the school of the zombies taking over it.

Goichi Suda (Suda51) has said this game is ďa poppy zombie game unlike anything people have ever seenĒ and I think heís bloody right! Yeah, we had those 2 Buffy games, but they were so serious in comparison! I like my supernatural slayers swivelling round a pole, lopping off zombie heads with a chainsaw, getting blood and glitter-streamers everywhere.

Voiced by Tara Strong (who voiced Harley Quinn in Arkham City - itís like all my favourite things are interconnected somehowÖ) Juliet is sassy, cute and loveable, as well a being super lethal with her pom-poms.

But as Iíve said, youíre not alone with the undead hoards. Youíve got Nick; the sweet, hot, (now former) jock whose head you can kick around like a football. Why canít all guys be like him? He can ďadaptĒ, if you will, to different forms and functions to help Juliet get past a certain area, or to gain more bonuses when kicking necro-ass.

As itís a Grasshopper game, you can guarantee that the boss battles will be epic in their own right. Jimmy Urine from Mindless Self Indulgence voiceís Zed, the punk rock zombie boss who fights with the power of rock! He screams insults such as ďVanilla SlutĒ at her to dodge the letters of (donít be prepared to be let down by what he says; that is the kindest thing he screams, believe me. I thought IĎd be gentle with you.) Thereís an awesome resurrection moment too where Zed shouts out ďpunkís not dead!Ē before Juliet saws him in 2 with a sigh of ďso emoĒ.

The action seems fairly straight forward. You have your lightweight pom-poms, and your heavy duty, rip-them-a-new-one chainsaw. Playing off of her being a cheerleader, you can use her acrobatics to leap over enemies, and her cheerleading moves can easily be skilled into a variety of attacks and special moves.

Your enemies go bye-bye in a shower of blood and rainbows and glitter and sparkle; which rather than sugar coats it, just makes it funner! (Which is a word.)

The whole game is tongue-in-someone-elseís-cheek, low brow, crude and awesomely daft. And I canít fucking wait to get my little hands on itÖ
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