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Why Mass Effect 3 haters need to speak up (Spoiler Free)

I'm not trying to be a douche hating on Daniel's story or anything, in fact I agree with the points he made saying how it isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be. The fact of the matter is that there's a lot of hatred on ME3's ending, and some of it is well deserved. I'm not saying harassing Jennifer Hepler will change anything, but simply being vocal can help a lot.

A lot of people got on the guy who complained about ME3 to the FTC saying he was going too far. But right now, in the current games industry, I wouldn't say he's going too far. Mass Effect's series promised choices, which were never really relevant as the game goes ahead and dictates to everyone that whatever choices they pick are only valid in the game it's played in. I haven't played ME, but I have read up a lot on the controversy. From what I've heard, ME1 let you vote for a council member, and in 2, they automatically choose one they figured you may have voted for. That's kind of crap.

You might say, “Big deal who cares”. But I do. This is the first step to a company shoving garbage down your throats. If you support good game developers such as Valve, and then support games that were made cutting corners, other companies might hop on that band wagon. If a company finds out that they can use public domain stock photos in their games without gamers being upset, I'm sure a lot more would! And that itself is not bad, unless it escalates. If it gets to where developers really start to drag this out further and cut more costs, I can't help but feel like I wouldn't be able to play video games anymore. It's starting to feel like hollywood, cutting corners and butchering what could have been good.

The case and point, is that if we don't tell EA/Bioware that this is bullshit, then they're going to keep on. And other companies will follow suit, and eventually we'll have games that are literally just copied and pasted onto our screens. And I don't want that, I want new content that works, is thought out, and allows for what it advertises.

If anything, I'd like for more people to be vocal, and I don't care how much. Send EA and Bioware emails that you don't want to be treated like sacks of money.
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