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PAX East is a thing I'm going to, but why?

This is the picture I protested SOPA with. Thanks to J-Ro for talking me into this.

But who I am more than anything is a guy whose passionate about video games, and recently I've began taking writing super seriously now that I'm writing a book and putting money into that. My wife's roommate is an editor for the bigger grad schools up there, and I'm getting her to work on Bonerquest with me. I feel like that adds another layer to the book, and I really want to get this thing done. I'm supposed to talk to her about that while I'm in Boston, but I've a feeling I'll probably spend time at her house, in a room, with a TV, all alone, playing video games. Just like I could do right here at home, right now, without taking train rides or using my vacation from work to do this.

I feel like I should meet everybody can. I want to know people, I want to be a person. Hopefully we can be friends at this thing.

That's it.
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