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The Problem With Deus Ex Human Revolution

I recently got a 360 for the first time ever, and my friend's letting me borrow Deus Ex. I played it for a bit before on PC, but grew sick of how poorly my PC handled it, so I stopped. But now, I can play it a lot better, although with a worse controller (I love my Keyboard and mouse, and I hate analog stick controllers for FPS/TPS). But I've been playing through, and one thing more than any gets on my nerves.

When Deus Ex was first being advertised, they brought up the different forms of gameplay. They said there were 3: Stealth (Don't get noticed), Adaptive (Use the environment to your advantage), and Aggressive (Shoot everything you need to). The problem is, the last two...are pretty much obsolete.

If you really get into adaptive, it essentially means look for air ducts and move around boxes and fridges to your advantage. The problem is that air ducts are usually predictable, as they'll have one entrance 100% blocked off by enemies. So then you think, “Oh well, if they're going to completely block off my path, then there's probably an air vent around here somewhere.” To make an example, when you first get to china and have to get into the penthouse. There are 4-5 guards blocking off the obvious entrance, with an airduct slightly farther to the right of it. And if you decide to move stuff around to your advantage, it's either very limited or very cheating. The carrying augmentation costs 1 praxis point and allow you to move whatever you want. Essentially, you could run through the game, smashing anything that moves with a vending machine, and you'd be pretty safe with doing so. The vending machines would work as cover and a weapon.

Aggressive is what really gets me. I'm pretty bad at stealth, so I try my best, and most of the time, I at least make someone get suspicious of activities going on. The problem here is that aggressive won't work nearly as well as the other two. For one, there's a limited supply of ammo. In detroit, there's one guy selling weapons, and he has limited inventory. So at first, that's kind of okay. But then scenes come like when you face the bosses and are forced to unload all of your bullets into them. Then you walk away with a lot less. The second downfall to playing aggressively, is that if you do, you miss out on heavy experience gains. If you go through a part of a level without alerting anyone, you get Ghost for 500 exp. If you don't set off alarms, you get Smooth Operator for 500 exp. But killing a person gives you 10, and knocking them out only provides about...30? And with the limited praxis points in the game, you're probably going to want to get the most exp so you can augment completely.

Don't get me wrong, I love Deux Ex HR. But I just feel like if you make seperate ways to go about handling things, you should also make it a bit more balanced and fair, so that someone who's amazing at stealth gets about the same benefits as someone who has to kill or knock out a few people along the way.
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