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Batman - City of Terror?

I guess you’d call this post all one big spoiler. Just putting it out there (even if I don’t really need to, depending on how much you know) before you read and go crazy at me because I didn’t “warn” you.

I’m taking a look at the future of the games for 2 of my favourite Batman villains, plus the possible name and main feature for the next game.

Starting off with the big one - Scarecrow. He was the only one who featured in Arkham Asylum not to physically return in Arkham City. But he is still around. His mask can be spotted on top of the bridge leading into Amusement Mile, and dotted around, in very subtle dress, are Scarecrow goons.

Subtleties out of the way, there are 2 big clues as to his return, and also a good idea of what the name of the next game may well be.

First up - Scarecrow’s barge. Here’s a link so you know what I’m on about - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGwClEZ5qAs

A message won’t come up to use your Sequencer; you’ve gotta get yourself in the right position (for me it was face the wall, the main rectangle of it being in the exact centre, and then do it, right next to the right side of the little trapdoor on the barge. Crouching helps too.)

The password for the trapdoor to open is “City of Terror”. Oozes Scarecrow, yes? Once open, hop on in, and the camera view will change to first person (like in the Visitors’ Centre of Arkham Asylum.)

Inside, are crates of cockroaches, or possibly scarab beetles. (And more likely based off of Amadeus Arkham/ Quincy Sharp and his involvement as seen on the invoice - on the wall next to the tied-up goon) . Scarecrow has been using these bugs for experimentation purposes… To me, it looks like he’ll be using them as an all city transportation mode for his scare gas, as a huge part of the next game.

This location is rather similar to the secret room in Arkham Asylum; in the ways of finding it, that it’s so hidden and saying that, what it contains being the main plot line of the next instalment.

The second Scarecrow teaser is the messages left for you to find on your Cryptographic Sequencer .

Here’s a link for you - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RbVBtSUMRg&feature=relmfu

At first thought when I stumbled across this, I thought it might be Riddler. But his kind of games are word related - this one is more math. Scarecrow is a bit more scientific (plus the last message couldn‘t be more him if he tried), and each list of numbers requires a certain equation.

To sum up - Scarecrow is coming back to scare the shit out of you. With insects!

Next, I’d like to congratulate Harley Quinn on her pregnancy!

As you’ll find next to her Arkham Asylum outfit in the managers office of the Steel Mill, there’s a positive pregnancy test. Plus, when completing the Game Plus mode, in the credits she sings a lil ditty to her baba.

Fruitful Endeavour - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyd8xcVv8mg&list=PL9D837E8331CF1065&index=2&feature=plpp_video
Song Time - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKJeVv43v8k&feature=relmfu

But just because it’s Harley, does not mean that Joker is the daddy.

Duela was introduced as the Joker’s daughter in a 1976 issue of Batman Family. It later emerged that her last name was Dent - her true father being Two-Face. Seeing as Harvey was in Arkham City at the same time, who’s to say this isn’t the case again?

Plus it makes Harley’s reaction at the end of the game make more sense. I thought she’d go catatonic, rather than just gasp. Maybe Harvey’s there as a shoulder to cry on?

There is so much more to discover in Arkham City, such as Manbat’s nest at the top of the church, the picnic between Mister Freeze and Nora (you‘ll only see this a while after you find her), and the touching tribute to the death of the Wayne’s in Crime Alley. If there’s a secret tid-bit you wanna share, please leave a comment, spreading the knowledge 8).

And now to sing us out, it’s the Joker, with a beautiful rendition of “Only You”.


Take care kiddies…

All videos brought to you by BatmanArkhamVideos
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