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BioWare and CapCom know EXACTLY what they are doing. - an Opinion.


Comic copyright: Nerf Now, 2012

Note: The stance in this article is that opinion of the author alone.

After weeks and weeks of people complaining about on-disk and day one DLC, so-called boycotting of the companies, and then the eventual high sales of their game anyways, I have come to a conclusion that most people will deny and deny wholehearted:

BioWare and CapCom knows EXACTLY what they are doing when it comes to DLC and content.

Like mentioned in the comic above, we had people foaming at the mouth over the fact that the DLC was on disk and coming out day one, people swearing off the game, and of course eventually leading to the much hated Mass Effect 3 ending issue. Now so people can't complain about spoilers on here I won't go into much detail about the Mass Effect 3 ending except the fact that.. well, it sure as hell sets up for some good DLC. DLC THAT PEOPLE HAVE ALREADY STEPPED FORWARD TO SAY THEY WILL BUY JUST TO MAKE THE GAME BETTER.

So we have people screaming at the top of their lungs that BioWare is ripping them off with day one DLC, then a week later, is begging at their feet with fists full of money, begging to give them cash so they fix their precious ending to a Apocalyptic SCI-FI RPG. Yes we could of gotten a good ending, but you also have to take into considering the genre it is in. The ending is GOING to hurt the viewer in some way. But it is also of my opinion that it was a perfect set-up to get people into DLC once more. What better way then to fix what people consider a 'bad ending' by releasing a potential good ending at 15 dollars a pop with people dropping their rage over the day one stuff just to want to pay for future DLC.

This shows us that BioWare knows what they're doing. Making people angry... yet still taking their money because they obviously STILL bought the game despite the 'boycott' and 'complaints', come forward, complain about a bad ending, then THROW THEIR MONEY at them because of the bad ending?

I don't get how people work in this world anymore...

CapCom, however, is having a PR nightmare with the whole Tekken X Street Fighter DLC. However that isn't slowing their games from being sold.

Long story short, Hackers found FULL WORKING movies and characters on the disk.
Another long story short, CapCom still hasn't changed their tune about it, or even mentioned how many copies(At the time of this article being written) have been sold or if anything is going to be done.

CapCom has seemed to have taken the, "If we ignore it, maybe it'll go away." style of trying to fix this and it seems to be working. Though from what I have noticed so far... people have lingering feelings due to the notion that its fighting game DLC. Unlike the potential DLC to fix the game, like Mass Effect 3's ending, this is potential DLC to COMPLETE the game. How I see it, Capcom still isn't done with SFxT by a long shot, yet to make a quick buck decide to throw out a uncompleted title with codes still on disk and of course balancing issues.

Yet again, they have gotten away with this before with MvC3.
If anyone remembers, CapCom had the same problem back with the original MvC3 with Jill and Shuma Gorath. Both characters on Disk, both characters with full move sets, and of course people raging hard yet still buying the game. We have not seen any decline of sales, DLC is still being bought at a alarming rate, and people still complain while doing it. (Just look at all the stupid costumes getting bought.)

DLC isn't going to change any time soon unless people ACTUALLY STOP BUYING IT. But in this day in age where money is more available with jobs paying more now a days and people caring less and less despite what they say, people will continue to complain.... then buy the game when it is released without another care in the world.
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